Friday, 29 November 2013

The nursery, phase 1

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too good (thus the lack of blog post).

When you're having work done to your house, midweek days at home aren't as relaxing as they should be as you're slightly on edge due to the number of people wondering around speaking in (what I describe as) another language (by this I mean using all sorts of technically jargon that I don't understand)

Luckily, the re-wiring work is now done so our home is currently occupied by decorators.

Even though it's my home, during the week I truly feel like it's their domain... So much so that at around 9am when I properly sat up in bed (as the noise being produced meant that there was no chance of sleep), I turned on the TV.

As I started to flick through the channels, I realised I was in a battle.

We have a SKY box in the living room, where you're able to switch the channels… this happened to be the location where one of the decorators was working. 

I could have made a fuss, I'm sure I could have continued the battle by flicking back to the news (which I wanted to watch) but I was feeling pretty rough & couldn't face it...

So, it was Jeremy Kyle for me!! (at least it was followed by This Morning where Holly & Phil, and a couple of experts were discussing that awful, spine curdling Lost Prophets case.... which was interesting, albeit emotional and terribly troubling to watch)

The other thing about being at home mid-week is that the decorators (in this case) have the opportunity to ask you any questions they might have.

Normally I'm nervous when they start to ask me things as I really don't know what I'm talking about on this topic Yesterday's question however, was one I could handle.

"Now that we've finished your bedroom and I'm working in the lounge (dominating the TV), would you prefer my assistant concentrates on the hall, stairs & landing or the nursery?"

Well, there is a right and a wrong answer here.

The hall, stairs & landing is a big job. One that really needs doing for our day to day convenience. The nursery is not going to be used for some time and so really should be the last thing they do.

That's not really how my mind works though.

Without taking a moment to breathe, I quickly said "the nursery, do the nursery!!"

Talk about putting a spring back in your step... Still physically feeling rather rubbish, emotionally I was suddenly full of excitement.

I knew they'd be done by the end of the day (3.30pm in their world) so I decided not to let myself go in until then.

At around 2pm I got particularly excited as I heard the sound of a drill... I know what this meant! Curtain polls!!! I know how sad I sound... But these small things for me, are better than the big things.

At 3.30pm they were out the door, and I was straight in the nursery. Tears formed in my eyes as I looked around and really realised whose bedroom this was.

Not allowing myself to get too emotional (I wanted to relish in the moment properly when the hubs was home) I hid behind cleaning and productivity.

First I hoovered, then I scrubbed, then I lifted (only my grandmas rocking chair and a few little decorative pieces from Mamas & Papas… they really should give me shares!) Our furniture isn't due for a few weeks and I wanted to give the hubs the full effect!!!

An hour later and I was done with what I like the call phase 1 of the nursery.

By 6.30pm the hubs was due home. 

I decided to busy myself during this long weight with my favourite thing... cooking! 

As I was feeling rough all day I hadn't eaten anything and was now feeling rather ravenous thus prepared us quite an unnecessarily large and fancy Thursday night feast!

Roast beef with all the trimmings :-)

As the hubs walked through the door, his face lit up. Not only did I look a hell of a lot better than I did when he left me that morning, but the house smelt delicious.

I didn't even let him take off his coat, or examine the work that had been done in the lounge (his favourite thing to do at the moment as soon as he walks through the door)

Within a few seconds I led him upstairs into the nursery for the big reveal and he was truly delighted, he was also pretty emotional which of course set me off!!!

As I've said so many times, pregnancy is all about milestones and this was another and it was so special. I wonder how much time I'll spend in this room over the next 12 weeks.

The next milestones?

Let's see...

Practically... building the furniture, the pram, the car seat, starting the classes, the arrival of the new carpet, re-reading all the books, buying all the essentials and so on...

Medically... passing the 28 week mark (Tuesday), the growth scan (I think I'll stop there as it all gets rather real after that!!!!)

Emotional... the continued roller coaster ride that is pregnancy, that I imagine only jumps up a gear or two once the baby arrives!


  1. Cheeky little bugers ! Dominating the TV ha ha ! We regret never doing a super decorating job in our nursery it has just been left we just don't have the time or money at the moment !

  2. Thanks for the comment :-)

    We can't afford to do the entire house at this stage, so I imagine it will take a good few years until we get round to it now (especially as I imagine, our new arrival will distract us!!)