Saturday, 9 November 2013

Finding the perfect pram

This morning at 7am a rather exciting package arrived. Not 'the' package, but a Baby J related one nonetheless.

Let me start by going back in time roughly six weeks. 

After doing a little background research online and in Mother & Baby (they had a good feature in this months mag reviewing a number of different models) I headed to the shops with my Mum for further investigation.

I decided that I'd let the Hubs off until I narrowed down the list a little. 

Remember, I am still new to this as a first time mum to be, and I have to say, the whole thing was a little overwhelming.

My mum is the most practical person I know, also the most caring. Excellent combined attributes for the task at hand.

As we entered the store, we were astounded by the vast array of options. Up until this point, (despite my research), I wasn't fully aware of  the choice available not to mention how expensive these things are!! 

One particular model, housed on a special spinning stand at the front of the store was around the thousand pound mark!!

The shop assistant must have noticed the confused look smacked across both our faces as he made a swift beeline for us!

Well, I can only describe this guy as an actual pram expert!! He knew EVERYTHING and these prams could pretty much do anything.

Want a pram that can handle terrain? Fight off Mosquitos? Transform into a spaceship?? Then there is a model out there for you!!! Sometimes I think these developers forget what country we live in!!! 

After demoing most of the stock in the building to us, (they really are impressive... ) we had narrowed down our criteria.

We decided that the three important things for me were the following, in order:

1. Weight (the lighter the better)
2. Ease (this relates to how easy they are to flat pack)
3. Design (it had to look good and be worthy of Baby J!!!)

After sharing this list with the genius shop assistant he presented us three brands that met my criteria best: the Silver Cross 'Wayfarer Pushchair & Carrycot, the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Baby Jogger by City Mini. 

At this stage, I did have a firm favourite but decided to keep it to myself to be fair to other two models (I can't explain my rationale for this!!) A few days later having fully reported back, I took the Hubs into the store to review. 

This is not the kind of job the Hubs enjoyed, thus the background research and short list! I knew who I was dealing with and had to make this as easy as possible.

On the way to the store I went through the best attributes of each of the three options (despite my efforts, I knew he wasn't really listening... It's not his fault, it's exactly what happens to me when he starts talking about paint types or door fittings!)

In we went, and without realising it I headed straight for my preferred option. I felt like I suddenly did the PR for this product (PR is my 'day job' so it's easy to slip into when I'm passionate about something!), I really had my sales hat on!!

I then took the Hubs round and showed him the other models. After talking him through the three products, he turned to me in and said... 'You know which one you want, it's so obvious! You know you don't really want my opinion' 

You may think this was said with an element of sadness, or anger. 

Absolutely not. 

He knows me too well, and knows that once my mind is made up... its impossible to change. I also imagine that he had bought into my sales pitch and was happy with my selection! 

Today my beautiful pram arrived... It's light, easy to fold up and looks oh so pretty. I just can't wait to unpack it and pretend to wheel Baby J around (we're all little girls at heart) when the house is in order and it's not going to get smashed up by builders!!!

Next on the list: the crib, the changing table, the car seat, the bath and on and on the list goes! My theory is do things one by one to (seemingly) break up the cost!!

And that's before I even start thinking about bottles, clothes and other equipment (that I can't even name as I'm still new to this and haven't got there in my research yet!!!)

I knew there was a reason they gave us nine months!!


  1. oh I loved reading this! Choosing a pram - if that isn't one of Life's Luxuries then I don't know what is...
    I so remember being like this is John Lewis Oxford Street in the summer of 1992. And the thrill when the pram arrived . Fantastic. I took it out of the box immediately and pushed it around the house. See you are right - we are all little girls at heart. When I was a little girl I wanted so badly to be a mummy........and a nurse. (I am both!).

    That pram lasted two babies and we thought that was our family complete - a girl and then 27 months later a boy. We got rid of everything baby related.....cot, pram, high chair. But the baby gene was too strong and 5 years after our son was born along came number three baby. What fun though, to go shopping again. This time I got my heart's desire. A big blue shiny Silver Cross coach built pram with a white fringed sun canopy.

    I pushed that pram everywhere. My bonny boy sitting up against the pillow, strapped in with leather reins and wearing his smocked rompers. Heady days.

    Oh my I feel a blog about prams coming on.

    I am loving reading your story of your pregnancy.It is bringing back all sorts of memories.


    PS sorry about this essay!!

    1. What a wonderful picture you paint! You've made everything even more real for me :)

      I'm so pleased you got your dream pram and took such pleasure in pushing your little boy around.

      I can't wait to read your blog and hope you continue to read my musings and share your feedback xxx