Sunday, 17 November 2013

Baby love

Today was a day filled with gorgeous little babies. 

I've always been a broody sort of person, but today my hormones actually went into overdrive for these little darlings.

The day began with brunch at our local farm. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I (City girl through & through) ever think that my new (much adored) weekend hangout would be a country farm!! 

It really is the most gorgeous little place with the most delicious food... I've pretty much been there every weekend since moving to the burbs!

A very good friend, and former colleague recently gave birth to the most precious little girl. My friend is a real girly girl, and puts her little girl in the sweetest little outfits!

Over brunch (so delicious, man I love good food) I was (as ever) hogging all the cuddles with little Baby P and quizzing my friend about everything from hormones, to poo frequency (who am I!!), to different types of cries. 

I genuinely find everything about babies so intriguing (yes I know this will wear off!) and can't help but ask a million questions!!! 

After brunch I witnessed my first nappy change... Can you believe I've not seen this done before? Now, as a newbie I'm not sure if my friend is particularly skilled, but the whole thing took less than 90 seconds... 

I had images in my mind of talcum powder flying, baby wipes all over the place and a screeching baby... 

This was the complete opposite! 

A couple of quick wipes and she was done, those nappies (pampers, but I'm guessing their all the same?) are pretty nifty! 

I was truly surprised and mightily impressed!

With that they were off and we were onto our next visitors. 

A group of my oldest friends, two of whom share (they're married) the most perfect little boy. 

This little boy is the reason the Hubs and I are so excited that Baby J is boy.... He's full of life and even more full of energy!

As much as I love my old pals, they're nothing compared to the
is little man who entirely dominated my attention the whole afternoon.

Yes I'm rather exhausted from all the entertaining, cooking, cleaning, running around with Toddler H, and eating (I've eaten a hell of a lot this weekend) but I'm full of adrenaline and excitement for Baby J.

I'm not sure if something happens to you when you're pregnant, I mean it must do, but I'm beyond broody (I know that's a pretty stupid sentence) I just love these cuties and could have easily had the pair of them stay the night. 

Kids are exhausting, but they are so wonderfully wonderful.

Not to sound too narcissistic but I have to say that the highlight of my day was when Mummy H pointed to my tummy and asked Toddler H what was inside. 

He responded, in his beyond cute voice with "a baby" (yes he's a smart cookie) and at that precise moment my heart genuinely ached. 

14 weeks, 2 days to go and I literally can't wait.

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