Friday, 1 November 2013

The 20 week scan

Around 3 weeks ago I had my 20 week scan, by far the most interesting scan so far.

After the stress, panic and stomach upset surrounding the 12 week scan, I was less worried about this one... but still pretty anxious (ever the neurotic)

The Hubs was also far more chilled. By this stage he's stopped relying on me for the facts (as I tend to over dramatise!) and has started to do his own research. For his birthday (a few months back) a friend got him a 'daddy to be' book which he read on a business trip, this helped him to get his head around things and understand what's going on! 

So I think I'm correct in saying that by this point he knew that we were through the toughest part, and whilst there are always risks in pregnancy, this scan was more something to look forward to than to fear.

The 20 week scan is where there measure everything, from the spine, nose and arms to the live, kidneys and head so whilst it is a bit nerve wracking it's also amazing as you get to spend a good 15/20 minutes looking at your baby on a screen and listening to his heartbeat.

On the morning of the scan I was as ever a bundle of nerves, The Hubs was working so meeting me there. This for me is stressful in itself... I'm early for everything (always have been) and I worry endlessly about timings. Sometimes I laugh at myself about the over the top planning and consideration that goes into every aspect of my day.

Around the time of the wedding this was more than a nuisance. As mentioned in a previous post I'm not a good sleeper. In the lead up to the wedding I was awake most nights running through lists of actions and timings. I'd even draft emails to suppliers in my head in preparation for the next day (I'm aware that I'm verging on insane)

Anyway, I'm an early riser so on the morning of the appointment at 6am I was up, showered and ready to go. 
Shame the appointment wasn't until 11am! 

I spent the next few hours tidying, re-tidying and organising the flat (this was pre-move) I laboured over the hovering, scrubbed the kitchen sink, toilet and bath and prepared dinner for that night. When that was done I only has an hour to go before I had to leave (result!) so watched some TV (well stared blankly at the box on the wall with absolutely no concentration!)

An hour and a half later (15 minutes early) and I was sat in the waiting rooms. That's when I received the dreaded text 'running late babe, start without me'.... Nooooooo!!!!! I had a feeling this might happen but was a little distraught none the less.

I spoke to the receptionist and asked if I could delay the appointment by 5 minutes, she kindly agreed and 10 minutes later (it was never gonna be 5!) I was sat in the scanning chair, with a red face Hubs beside me. He's sprinted from the station to avoid being any later (it's the little things) and was a little out of breath.

A second later and there he was, Baby J wriggling about. As stupid as it sounds I find technology incredible, how clever that we can see inside our tummies with a little gadget!

Like music to my ears, we then heard his little racing heartbeat. It was amazing. We both were in awe and lapping up every special moment.

Baby J was measured and all was fine. Once again that overwhelming feeling of relief swept over me. Another milestone overcome.

The next big scan isn't until 32 weeks, so you'll have to keep an eye out for that post to appear (only 8 weeks to wait!!!) 

In the meantime I'm starting to calm down and really enjoy this pregnancy. I'll never be someone who doesn't worry, but I suppose I'm a parent in training and worrying comes with the job!

Oh, and here he is... Baby J at 20 weeks :)

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