Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Let them eat cake!

This morning my mum and I are popping my baby shower invitations in the post.

A little premature perhaps, but my mum is hosting, and she's having her kitchen redone at the end of January (the day after the shower) so wants a good understanding of numbers, how much food she'll need to prepare etc, well in advance.

My mum is quite the master baker, to be honest her skills aren't limited to baking, she's quite the master in the kitchen!

As far back as I can remember, food has been a big deal for my family (not so much my dad, he's a very 'healthy eater' and not that concerned by food) specifically my mum, brother and me.

We love food, good, tasty, well seasoned and most importantly hot (not spicy) food (only when it's meant to be hot of course!)

My mum has always been a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, knocking up delicious dinners and treats at the request of my big bro and I.

A few years ago, her skill developed into a full blown passion.

An American TV chef, 'The Barefoot Contessa' caught her eye and that was it. Overnight she became a full blown chef.

From that moment on, my mum has been producing the most fabulous meals and desserts that impress the masses (literally the masses, as she gifts her creations to anyone and everyone... The cleaner and gardener have done very well out of this new good love!)

Funnily enough, this passion coincided with the biggest change in my mums life, most likely, since becoming a mum.

Over the last few years, my mum has lost a considerable amount of weight. Around seven stone.

It's funny, my mum has always been sort of fabulous. Her vivacious personality has always shined through in her wardrobe choices, meaning that for many of us who know her well, we never really noticed her weight.

Now that it's all gone (through careful eating, exercise and will power) I look back at pictures and honestly can't believe how big she was. To say I never noticed sounds so stupid, but it just wasn't an issue as she's always been so full of life and so fabulous.

You'd think it would be impossible to keep all this weight off whilst baking constantly (understatement!) Well, you'd be wrong as my mum has very smartly found alternatives to fatty foods, and alternatives to healthy, tasteless ingredients.

It can be done!

Obviously some of her creations are a little naughty, my wedding cake for one (impressive right!?)

But in general she keeps things as healthy and delicious as possible.

Going back to my shower.

No games or activities have been planned yet. Knowing my mother and the relationship she has to some of my closest friends (you know who you are) they'll take care of this...

I won't get into the stripper incident on my hen weekend (which I specifically said I didn't want!) the poor man didn't know what he was dealing with...

Despite my friends and mother fuelling me with cocktails in advance of his arrival, I cringed, apologised and grimaced through the whole thing!

I'm a logistics girl so in this case it means I sort the guest list, invitations and inviting.

The rest, I leave in the hands of my wonderful mother.

At least I know there will be some smashing food & a lot of laughs :-)

It is an odd concept though, a 'baby shower', a celebration of someone not yet here, it's kind of tempting fate in a way...

I suppose the key is not to overthink things, and just enjoy it & 'eat cake' as they say…!

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