Sunday, 3 November 2013

Maternity wear

In the early stages of pregnancy, (before I started to show) I was genuinely looking forward to shopping for maternity wear.

I couldn't wait to see the new styles, fabrics and cuts that lay before me. In my eyes, a whole new world of shopping possibilities lay before me.

My dad always says that 'I want everything yesterday', so in the early stages of pregnancy, (when I could have been pregnant or just a bit bloated!) I headed to the shops to see what was on offer to me.

I started with the high street shops. Those 'trendy' stores known for having a maternity range. Well... what can I say? I'll give you one word: disappointment.

These shops, where I'd spent hour after hour (and pound after pound) in the past suddenly had forgotten who their consumer was. 

Ugly, dowdy, ill fitting clothes were all that was on offer. I was out of there in a matter of minutes (incredibly out of character as I really love to shop)

I was so disappointed so decided to park the whole idea of maternity wear for a while...

I started I discuss the topic with the small handful of friends I have that are pregnant too. They all knew where I was coming from, having struggled themselves. 

One or two started to drop names of brands who better cater
for women in our position (i.e. young women who still want to feel trendy and sexy despite packing on the pounds, and carrying what resembles a football until their blouse... I probably shouldn't have used the word 'blouse' there, doesn't really help with my case!!!!)

With recommendations in hand, I started to search the net, and I was pleased to find exactly what I was looking for. Gorgeous materials, flattering cuts and modern styles.

I will say this, whilst I do have a few pieces from these brands (Seraphine & JoJo Maman Bebe are my top two) I've got by so far on a combination of stretchy tops and leggings and either the baggier items from my existing wardrobe or slightly larger sizes from high street stores.

I stick to what makes me feel good. I'm quite proud of my bump so,  tend to opt for leggings, black stretchy vest tops and close fitting bright or neutral long sleeve tops (I try to avoid black) 

If I wear baggier clothes I tend to feel more fat than pregnant (I've just realised what a vein blog post this is!!)

My advice... wear what makes you feel comfortable and attractive. 

We're pregnant, we're glowing (well I'm not, but I'm hoping the glow is on it's way!!) and fabulous, so dress to replicate that and if you don't feel that way... there's always the onesie!!! 

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