Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pet peeves

I know I'm starting to sound like a moany old so and so, but do you find that all your pet peeves comes to the surface when you're pregnant?

I know I should be elevated and joyful and constantly daydreaming about my nearly born baby (which to an extent I am) but part of me is constantly becoming frustrated by other people.

Prior to falling pregnant I was as tolerant as anyone else. I'm sure things about me annoy some people out there (I know I interrupt people sometimes for instance), so I had to make allowances for others.

Not anymore.

I seem to be even more observant these days (if you've read previous blog posts you'll know that I'm a pretty observant person anyway) and pick up on the slightest of things.

A few examples are listed below, most of them related to 'travel':

- People bashing into me whilst walking through the station (one particular man sent me flying last week!)
- People eating smelly food on the train
- People eating at all on the train
- People humming on the train (a particularly big one)
- Rudeness of any kind (this is a general point, not travel specific)
- Slowness of any kind
- People with body odour on the train (or anywhere for that matter)

I think this short list gives you a taste of what I'm dealing with.

'Pregnant me' is a rather intolerant, waddling woman who doesn't seen to have time to deal with any disruptions to her life.

Maternity leave isn't far away, and whilst I battled with going on slightly early leave (using leftover holiday from this year) I now couldn't be more excited, merely for the lack of public transport (or any kind of transport) that will soon form my day.

I hate to think that I'm unlike other, 'happy and glowing pregnant women' out there with no cares in the works, but my instincts tell me that we're all alike. 

We're dealing with something alien and new and anything which makes that any harder is just an annoyance. 

In six weeks time I imagine I'll be singing from a different hymn sheet as l'll be well rested, relaxed and I'm hoping a little pampered... 

In the meantime, if you see a verging on chubby, angry pregnant lady on your travels I offer you three words of advice: AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!

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