Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Choosing the Car Seat

Last weekend our gorgeous new 'Silver Cross' Car Seat arrived.

I chose it based in compatibility with our pram but also because it's pretty (I'm such a child!!!)

Not only is this particular model (it's called 'simplicity') easy to use, safe, light and a decent size (room for Baby J to grow & stretch) but it's pretty stylish and comfy looking... I'm pretty sure Baby J will be mighty happy snuggled up their, I know I would be! (what a thought... Car Seats for grown ups!!)

I have to say that choosing the car seat was a much easier task than choosing our pram. Why? Because there are only a handful of brands and models compatible with the pram with picked (I actually think this is the case with whichever pram you go with, but I'm not sure!)

The idea 'I believe' is that you don't always use the top part of the pram, sometimes you clip the car seat into the base of the pram to avoid waking the baby, or for short trips, only short mind you...
The shop assistant in John Lewis was very quick to tell me about the issues that can arise from leaving a baby in a car seat for to long… Having read up on it, there is little to worry about! Essentially use your common sense, if your baby is premature, or has any breathing difficulties be cautious but otherwise you're pretty much ok for a few hours.

If you're worried at all, there is a really informative article on BabyCentre about this very issue:

Anyway, when presented with my choice it was once again, an easy decision. I'd read up on the key things a car seat had to do and was confident with the few brands of offer that these were all a given (of course I checked 5 times) this left me to choose based on USPs.... And of course design!

The main thing for me was weight.

To test this out, my mum and I (once again I didn't want to subject the hubs to my research tactics, it's far easier to present him with an obvious chose!) went round lifting each one whilst trying to imaging what it would feel like with the added weight of a newborn/not so newborn baby.

The 'simplicity' won hands down... Not just on weight and design but on ease.

Gone are the days of fiddly, complicated, huge machines. These days, it's a swift manoeuvre  a couple of clicks and you're in! (I'm still impressed with Will's speed at getting Baby George into the car with the pressure of the whole world watching!!!)

In case you were wondering, we opted for a simple black colour, after-all I couldn't have Baby J's pram mismatching his car seat!!

Once chosen, I took the hubs on the pointless outing to 'choose a Car Seat'... He knows me, I know me and I'm pleased to say that he trusts me. We were in and out in 5 blissful minutes (ladies, this form of decision making is the way forward... It may seem a but unequal but it avoids the dreaded in store argument! Equally men, if you're the family researcher, I urge you to try this method out next time you're on the hunt for your next big item!)

So, last weekend it arrived.

There is just one thing stopping me from getting 'quite' as excited about my new toy as I was when our gorgeous new pram arrived....

Aside from the fact that we're still living amongst a sea of boxes, so can't actually unpack and 'play' with it yet i.e. strut around the house with it pretending Baby J is inside (I think that may have been an over share!)

We have no car to put it in.

I know what you're thinking... Who buys the Car Seat before the car?!


The car seat is my domain.

The car is not (that's a big one, so a joint decision) and until we can muster the will to begin the long and painful task of selecting a new car that we can't really afford, the car seat will have to do… with only 13 weeks to go we really should get our skates on!

At least I know that the midwife will let me leave the hospital when Baby J is born… little does she know that I might not have a car to click the seat into!!!

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