Thursday, 14 November 2013

Blurred vision

No, the headline of this blog post is not some clever metaphor. Quite literally, my eyesight has increasingly grown worse over the last few weeks.

I first noticed symptoms at the start of my pregnancy. I was forever squinting and suffering headaches from squinting.

I'm a 'partial' (my description as I'm not fond of wearing them!) glasses wearer, I only really need to wear them when driving or reading/seeing things far (well, not that far) away

My brother and dad (and to an extent my mum) have always suffered quite poor vision (my bro has been wearing contacts since I can remember, whereas my dad rocks the 'glasses that tint when it's bright' look) and up until the age of around 18 I was the only family member with perfect vision. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and I now can fully understand how frustrating poor vision can be. 

I've never much liked wearing glasses. Perhaps it's something to do with the dislike that comes from relying on a piece of hard wear to get me through the day... Perhaps it's an image thing (more likely!)

Unfortunately, the big move meant that everything got packed away. Whilst I should have been smart enough to put my glasses in my handbag, the 24 hours we had to move out of our flat (my residence for six years) and into our new house meant that practicality went out the window.

The reason for the mad rush was an attempted break-in at our new home (sob). According to the police, people go hunting in empty houses for pipes and radiators (the house did look pretty vacant to be honest), on the other hand, it could have been squatters.

After this happened we decided the house could be empty no longer and that we'd be fine moving in 6 weeks earlier than planned, and living amongst the workmen and the mess (I don't think I quite thought this through, I most certainly didn't appreciate how hard it would be!!)

So, for the last (almost) month, I've been glasses-less, as we can't unpack any of the boxes due to the work being done. Not only am I without my specs, but I'm pretty sure my eyesight has deteriorated further in this time...

Dry eyes, headaches and constant squinting are just part of daily life now... And I'm sort of becoming used to it.

I'm pretty sure that my squints are being mistaken for dirty looks so this may be having an impact on my social life!

Last night, whilst the Hubs and I were tucking into a rather tasty chicken salad for supper, we were watching 'a league of their own'. I love this show because it plays to both our passion points...

For the Hubs, it's 'sport related', done. For me, it's hosted by James Corden (who I 'not so secretly' love) and is actually really funny.

Last night the panel were particularly good, so I was excited for it to start...

What I noticed after a minute or so, was that I was missing every joke. The reason? I was focused so hard on trying to see, I was barely listening...

After five minutes of me saying 'what was that?' 'what did he say?' The Hubs turned to me and said...'I though you couldn't see, not couldn't hear!?'

It seems like both my vision and my hearing were suffering the joys of pregnancy.

Yes, this is annoying and a little alarming (I'm definitely starting to relax into this pregnancy, the newly pregnancy 'obsessive' me would have been on the phone to the doctor and/or hospital about this issue!) but I am assured that as soon as Baby J has arrives my eyesight will be fully reformed.

In the meantime, I'll continue to hunt through the mountain of boxes for my glasses, and I imagine I'll continue to annoy the Hubs, or whoever is in close proximity when I'm struggling to see...or hear for that matter!

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