Sunday, 10 November 2013

What do you daydream about?

Today I met a friend for coffee. She's due in a few weeks so right at the end of her pregnancy. Furniture has been bought, prams & buggies assembled and books have been read. 

She's now at the stage where things are becoming real... Baby wipes, post birth baby grows, sterilisers, bottles, birth plans and so on.

Chatting to her doesn't exactly scare me... 

Yes I'm entirely unprepared and ignorant at this stage to the actual ealities of motherhood, but that will come in time (I hope!) I'm also not really ready for pregnancy to be over... I'm in my pregnancy groove now and starting to really enjoy it.

What it does is remind me that in a short fifteen weeks (maybe sooner, maybe longer) Baby J will actually be here and everything will be different.

The Hubs and I have just been for a Sunday night country stroll... Yes we'll still do this once two has become three, but it will be different. It will most certainly take a lot longer to leave the house and I imagine I'll neurotically take the whole house with us... Not to mention that we'll be pushing our little boy around in our/his (gorgeous) new pram. 

The conversation will also change. Not to say that our conversations are currently filled will moonlight and roses... 

Today's conversation? Carpets!!! (we're currently debating whether the shade we've ordered for the house is too light and will be ruined in a year or so)

After the coffee with my soon to pop friend, I was driving back home when my mind started to wonder... 

I was picturing Baby J on his first day of school in his smart uniform with matching little hat. 

Of course I have no idea what Baby J will look like in the future (or now for that matter!) so this is quite a weird daydream.

There is however a picture in the Hubs family home of him on his first day of school looking ridiculously cute, this image or a slightly doctored version of this image if what I actually was picturing. There is something painfully sweet about a child on their first day of school... They're so proud in they smart little uniforms, sticking out their chests boastfully as they pose for the photo. 

My mind then moved onto sports day... Baby J proudly looking at the Hubs and I as he ran past us in the 100 metres race in his freshly ironed PE kit...

I know it is absurd to think this far into the future but I love letting my mind wonder at the moment. 

Generally speaking, I've never been someone content in my own company... I like being surrounded by lots of people and get bored quite quickly! These days, things are so different. 

Between the kicks and the daydreams I'm more than happy seeing absolutely no one for an entire day. 

In the past, I've never understood it when people say that they are able to 'get lost in their thoughts' but now I totally do. 

As soon as Baby J arrives I know that luxuries like daydreaming will be a thing of the past so for now I'm going to indulge them as much as I possibly can.

Not only does daydreaming help pass the time (here comes that impatient attribute of mine again!) but it gets me even more ridiculously excited to meet my little man!!! 

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