Monday, 18 November 2013

What's in a name?

We're reaching the stage in my pregnancy where Baby J's 'name' is becoming a big point of discussion.

Whilst some couples reserve this conversation for 'private times', we're struggling a little as it's the first thing people tend to ask us… 'Have you thought of a name? 'How about this?'

Early on in my pregnancy, when we weren't aware of the sex, we made the mistake of openly discussing the names on the table with our friends… It really is a mistake.

Everyone had an opinion. The problem is, these 'opinions' were entirely irrational (unless they rhymed with a bad word or meant that the babies initials would spell out something dreadful, these opinions were useful) and entirely personal.

Opinions, in my experience are for the most part driven by experience i.e. A horrible ex boyfriend or girlfriend, the bully at school, the smelly kid at nursery, and so on.

Whilst this is entirely relevant to the people who knew these individuals, it is not at all relevant to us!

After a while we decided to stop answering questions and keep our musings to ourselves.

Choosing someones name is a pretty tough thing to do. Not only is it the first decision we'll make on behalf of our little man, but he'll (most likely) be stuck with it for life.

My birthday was back in October and two lovely people gave me baby name books as a gift.

Flicking through these books sparked a great deal of debate amongst the Hubs and I.

We want to prepare Baby J for anything. Due to the fact that he's not here yet, therefore there are no other decisions currently to make, everything rests in this one... Therefore the topic has been much 'debated'

Some of the (ludicrous) questions that have arisen during our 'debates':

- Could he be prime minister with that name?
- Could he play at Wimbledon with that name?
- Could he be a Premiership footballer with that name?
- Is that name masculine enough?
- Is that name too masculine?
- Could he run a big multinational corporation with that name?
- Is that name too dull?
- Is that name too 'out there'?
- Does that name have too few letters?
- Does that name have too many letters?
- Is that name hard to pronounce?
- Is that name too hard to spell?
- Can that name be shortened?
- If we picked that name, what would his nickname be?

And so it continues....

We've sort of settled (I make that sound bad. I actually really love it) on a name now.

But I'm still not 100% convinced.

Some say, we won't truly decide until we meet him... But how can that be, surely a 0.5 second year old doesn't harbour that much personality in his face that you can rest such a big decision on it??

Don't babies faces change a lot over the first few weeks anyway!? What if we pick a name based on what be looks like at birth and then his face changed completely?? (I feel that neurotic trait of mine coming through again... I thought we'd seen the last of her for a while!)

I suppose we'll have to see.

I'd be keen to know how others got on with this decision, because I tell you something... We've struggled!!

What I have learned though, is to keep your thoughts/decisions to yourself!!!

Everyone has an opinion and the last thing you want to do is be influenced by others, especially after taking so long to make the decision in the first place!!

After all when Baby J is actually here, and has his name... It's not like anyone will tell us they don't like it...!!!


  1. With my oldest daughter I decided on her name I'm the first few weeks of pregnancy (Amelia). With my second daughter though it was so difficult - we didn't decide until about a day before she was born, and it changed about a hundred times before that. We chose Rosie in the end after my nana, but It was just a really hard decision, and I agree, telling people makes it harder - we changed a couple when we realised everybody else hated them, and I half wish I'd never mentioned them at all. Xx

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I couldn't agree with you more… I wish I hadn't told people what names we were debating in the early days :-( Amelia is a beautifully name, as is Rosie - both very well chosen :-) xx

  3. I always had a list of girls and boys names I liked. I didn't want to settle on just one name because I honestly felt that once baby arrived she would look like a certain name, if you know what I mean? It turned out I was right. She looked like a Holly. Out of all the names on the list (including my two favourites), she only suited that name. It's such a tough decision though and people were always giving pointless suggestions. I used to wind people up by pretending I was going to call her Princess Tagliatelle Carbonara! Although when some of them actually believed me I felt a bit insulted that they thought I had such bad taste!