Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The problems we face

Yesterday, on the way back from a meeting I was telling my good friend and colleague (soon to go travelling round the world for a year with her lovely fella... sob!) about a situation the Hubs and I currently find ourselves in, that we're sort of trying to ignore...

Have any of you ever suffered the post wedding come down??

If not, let me tell you it sucks.

Three weeks buzzing from the wedding, cruising round California and Hawaii had come to an end and we were back in the gloomy UK where nothing had changed.

At this point we hadn't found our dream home so had that (immense) stress to look forward to. We just couldn't face going back to the drawing board to re-kick off our search... by this point we'd been looking a good few months and already had had a few houses fall through (thank goodness... the beauty of hindsight right?!)

Whilst the Hubs is from time to time a little on the grumpy side, this was something else... what made it even worse was that I was right there with him.

We had a brief pick me up when the wedding video arrived (when I say brief, the video was four hours long!!) but overall I'd say we were a little depressed.

We toyed with the idea of moving to America at this time... 'Wouldn't life be fab over the pond?' I'd say on a daily basis... pushing as much as I could. Houses were more reasonable over their too. The problem was that the Hubs couldn't move with his work and in reality we're both so close to our families that we'd have never gone... It literally was a pipe dream.

It wasn't a good time... We were both pretty much miserable (not with each other I hasten to add, but with the situation we found ourselves in i.e. we had just had the best month of our lives and weren't ready to face real life yet!!), not the happy clappy picture the world paints of newlyweds!!

So what did we do to finally combat this lull??? Took ourselves down to a car showroom and purchased a snazzy new (well not technically new, second hand to be specific) car.

Our old car had finally packed it in (he served us well for 11 years and I was very sad to see old Percy go) just before the wedding so we'd always planned to replace him.

We were so excited... This was our exciting new 'grown up married car'. We quickly started planning lots of fun driving trips across Europe and even started to squabble over who would drive which way (on imaginary trips!!)

The Hubs birthday was about a month after the purchase of the new car and we stuck to our word and drove to Northern France and it was fab.

In between the purchase of the new car and the Hubs birthday there was another exciting development in our lives... Baby J! Talk about something to lift our spirits!!!

Everything was right again and our 'depression' suddenly became stupid and irrational (I blamed my hormones!)

One teeny tiny problem... Did I mention that the new car is a two seater??

Now do you see the problem the Hubs and I face?

We've just got our new home and have bills coming out of our ears... We have Baby J's looming arrival and cars depreciate in value the minute you drive them out of the showroom...

The questions we now face... Sell the car and lose money? Buy another car, but what car? It needs to be relatively big (not too big as those tank like cars scare me) if we're going to keep it a while or lease a car? (This option freaks me out a bit, I'm not sure why)

So, in between paint samples, baby names and gas leaks (did I mention we had one of them at the weekend?) we're now (sort of, when we can face it) debating what to do...

Baby J will be here in fifteen weeks so we better make our minds up soon...

They say that getting all the big things out the way at once is the best way to do it, but this is a little crazy I think (wedding, new house, potentially two new cars and a new baby all within a year!)

Oh to be back on the sun lounger in Hawaii when things were simple...


  1. We did exactly this, wedding in August 2012, baby in June 2013, new house in September 2013 and now car hunting as the lease on J's work car is not going to be renewed. We need something five door with a big boot for pram etc We are looking at leasing as the peace of mind regarding bills and hire cars is lessened by being in a lease. Our current lease plan replaced the wheel after I drove over a nail and took care of all the arrangements after we were in a crash. We can't afford to buy a car outright and are unsure about taking on more debt.

    Hope you find the solution!

    We also had a bit of a wedding come down but two months after our wedding we got our positive pregnancy test so it didn't last long. But it is pretty common.

  2. Thanks for your comment, it's so good to know that others feel the same way as me!! We are looking into leasing as we the two seater just won't work when Baby J arrives but I'm not keen on the concept!!!

    Please continue to read my musings and share your thoughts and feedback xxx