Friday, 22 November 2013


I've always been a bit of a snacker. Never sweets, chocolates or cakes... Always crisps, crackers and veg (I'm a savoury sort of gal)

In the lead up to my wedding, my usual snacking was sadly banned.

I wanted to look smashing and most importantly feel fabulous in my beautiful Suzanne Neville gown (that hugged me in all the right places) and crisps just weren't going to help.

Thankfully I've always loved fruits and vegetables. My favourite food (no lie) is peas.

I eat them by the bowl full and often heat some up as a snack to get me through a long afternoon. 

I also love anything pickled (cucumbers, sauerkraut etc) fiddly fruits and veg that I can sit and graze on for hours such as pomegranates, figs, passion fruit, artichokes, berries, grapes & tomatoes... all of which were regularly munched on in the months ahead of my big day.

It's funny, every bride I know tells me that they lost a good few pounds in the week of their wedding due to stress. Either I stress eat (highly likely), or I'd planned everything to perfection and thus didn't suffer any stress that week (I don't remember it that way!) but I certainly didn't shed any additional pounds that week.

Since the beginning of my pregnancy I've had an increased appetite.

At first I thought I was giving myself an excuse to eat more and that it was all in my head... But the more my stomach rumbled, the more I realise it was/is Baby J whose the piggy, not me ;-)

Whilst I'm totally comfortable putting on a few pounds during pregnancy, I'm a newly wed and I'm young and I do care about my appearance so I do have to be a little careful not to overindulge too much!

I find that there are two key times of day when I'm in need of a little snack...

I get up pretty early, around 6am and I'm not one of those people who 'struggle to eat early in the morning', I've actually never understood those people. Food is food regardless of the time of day!!

Breakfast is usually a bagel (wholemeal as often as possible) or a 'healthy' size bowl of cereal, All Bran Golden Crunch or Fruit 'n Fibre are my usuals.

By 10/11am I'm usually starving, to the point that I look at the clock each day in shock that it's not 2pm and I've missed lunch!

This is usually when I opt for one of the following snacks...

- Ryvita thins, my preference is cheddar and black pepper... So good and so satisfying (my current obsession) I'm actually munching these as I type (I know it's only 7.55am so not technically a mid morning snack but it's Friday!)

- Salt and Vinegar Snack a Jacks (fulfilling and tasty!)

- A plum and a banana (less exciting but does the trick)

- A skinny peppermint hot chocolate (extra hot, it's always served warm) from Starbucks (no cream of course)

Or something my lovely mum has whipped up for me... I mentioned to her last week that I fancied a wholemeal berry muffin.

Saturday she came round with a delicious fluffy batch that I took to work to keep me going through the week :-)

I usually have a decent size lunch. A big salad or jacket potato, which takes me through to supper. If I am feeling peckish, I have a few things at home ready to satisfy me...

- Pretzels (salted) They are pretty healthy and good to graze on, sometimes I whip up a little tzatziki to dip

- A massive carrot! I love carrots and love nothing more to sit on the sofa and munch on one whilst watching TV

- A cracker (usually a corn thin) with some low fat cream cheese and marmite (a pregnancy find that is so amazing and will be around forever)

Dinner again is usually a decent size so I'm not 'hungry' afterwards but I'm usually up for a little something pre bed...

This is where I'm naughty. You have to remember that this is still a novelty for me… not only have I only recently developed a sweet tooth but usually I'd never let myself eat anything unhealthy!!

Whoever knew marshmallows were so good? 

I've never disliked them, but they are something I think I might crave as a pregnant lady. If craving means thinking about them all the time and getting teary as you near the end of the bag… 

I think it is fair to say that marshmallows are now a regular in our home! 

Other night time treats include a small (ish) slice of carrot cake (I love carrot cake) a chocolate biscuit (any brand, I love them all… the ones with chunks of chocolate are the best) or a Weight Watchers biscuit or dessert…. 

Recently I discovered the Weight Watchers mint chocolate chip ice creams


So there you have it… the menu of a snacking pregnant lady! I know that many of you feel horribly sick during pregnancy, and some of you experience a form of appetite suppression (my mum had this) Well if you don't, I hope this blog post inspires you to try out some new snacks or at least enjoy the ones you already eat!!

Pregnant or not pregnant I love to eat and like to think about everything I put in my mouth. No meal or snack should just 'be' everything is to be enjoyed :-) as I think is reflected in this post.

The funny thing is, I usually write my daily blog post on my train journey to work posting it as I arrive at the office. This post had to be polished off whilst at my desk as I had so much to say on the subject!! 

Not sure what that says about me…

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