Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting big (finally!!)

Today was the first day that I looked in the mirror and was quite surprised by my reflection.

Up until now, I've felt like the latecomer to the pregnant party. Everyone has been telling me how small I look (I know I should be thankful) and for some reason I've not really gained weight anywhere outside of the stomach region meaning that unless you look down, and I'm having a big day, I barely look pregnant.

Here's a little example to help you see what I mean...

Since moving to our new house, I've spent a fair bit of time (understatement) in our local deli. Everyday on the way home from the station, I swing by to pick up a few 'bits'. I love deli's, they're my happy place... olives, smoked salmon, cold meats, bagels, homemade soups... I love them all! 

After one or two (ten or eleven) visits to the deli, the owner now knows me by name. 

A few nights ago when I popped in, I was browsing around when I got a little hot (it was most likely adrenaline from
being in the deli) so took off my thick wooly scarf (birthday gift from the in-laws) that I've recently been rocking. A few minutes later I went up to pay for my many items and have a nice little chat with the owner. 

As I was on my way out, I had my arms in the air, mid scarf putting on, when she looked and me and exclaimed 'you're pregnant??!'. 

A little embarrassed (she looked so so shocked) I sheepishly responded... 'Err yes'. She was in utter shock as if her new friend had totally deceived her... Once she pulled herself together she found her words 'why didn't you say?' This was all getting a bit awkward!! Not sure what to say, I sort of whispered 'I'm sorry' as I left the deli. 

Last night when I went back in (yes, I was a bit nervous) she was so proud telling everyone my news (loudly) as if I were her daughter (embarrassing but relieving as I feared our new friendship may be over!)

You see, not looking pregnant when you are in fact pregnant poses many problems!

Today however, as I looked in the mirror I noticed for the first time that I'm actually looking pretty big!!! 

I know most women wouldn't revel in this, but I'm not most women! 

I'm impatient and excited, and I honestly can't wait to waddle down the street and struggle getting up from bed or a chair, rubbing my back as I walk...

How weird am I??

Today is a good day! I'm on the road to bigness!! Once I'm on the road, it's not long until I'm really big and then Baby J will be here!!!

It sounds silly, but I do love being pregnant. The journey is just amazing. Everyday something happens, whether it's a little kick or wriggle or the delight of sharing your news with someone new.

I know I moan a lot about the symptoms (bloating, gas, tiredness, mood swings etc etc) but overall the benefits out way all these annoyances. 

On days like today I like to let my daydreams run away with me.... Daydreaming is a lot of fun when pregnant...

- What will be his favourite food? 
- What will his voice sound like? 
- Will he be into sports? 
- Will he look like Hubs?

Only 15 weeks and 5 days to go... Bring it on :) 

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