Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Do I need to start dressing like a mum??

This morning whilst frantically getting dressed (the morning rush is bad enough now, I can't imagine what it'll be like soon!!), I was flicking through my wardrobe really struggling to find something to wear.

The few maternity items I have are in the wash leaving me solely with 'pre-pregnant items'.

As I rummaged through, I realised that I was vetoing items that I'd deemed 'non-respectable' for a pregnant woman.

Mini skirts (when I say mini, they're not mini by today's standards, but they are on the shorter side... They're also rather tight, or what I like to call 'fitted') were out. As were a few old faithfuls; dresses that were too garish, all my jeans (in this case it's actually because they don't fit) and anything I'd consider too 'over the top' such as a gorgeous pair of tweed shorts that I'd often partner with a black long sleeved top, black thick tights and boots at this time of the year (I'm not 100% sure that they'd have gone over the bump but as I'm not huge yet, I'd of given it a go!)

In any case, it got me thinking. Once Baby J has arrived, will more wardrobe items be banished to the loft (ready for Baby J's one day sister to rummage through in her teenage years) for ever more for fear of being branded inappropriate??

As a 28 year old woman, the world is technically my oyster when it comes to the marvellous world of fashion.

My worry is that things are different when pregnant, and even more different when a little Baby J is resting on my chest or being pushed around in a pram.

Don't get me wrong, we've all seen the magazines, and the women who get it 'right' when dressing as a new Mum. But there is a definite change in their wardrobe choices to a slightly more mature look (I often notice a lot of neutral coloured knitwear on new mums for instance) but I'm not always someone who gets it right!

When Baby J arrives, I'm sure I won't worry about such jovial matters...

But in the meantime I'm going to slowly try and piece together a new wardrobe (or maybe look book at this stage or else then Hubs may go a little mad) that reflects the new, motherly (but still young and cool) woman that I'm soon to become.....

That sounds easy right?!!!

And as for dressing whilst pregnant (for the next 16 weeks) I think that the struggle will remain and will only get harder as Baby J continues to bloom!!


  1. Lovely post. I am a 26 year old mum to a 1 year old little girl. In my experience I wore comfy and reserved for a few months and as I began to feel myself again I was soon back to my colour and fashoin loves! Also as a side note I would buy a few more key maternity pieces. I was shocked that my body still looked pregnant after I'd had the baby and I ended up wearing my maternity clothes for another good few months (and still do now on my more comfy days!) X

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback & comments. I think you're right, I do need to invest more in maternity wear, it's just hard to find something that I like and that doesn't feel to old fashioned! Good tip on the post baby maternity wear... I imagine I'll definitely be rocking the 'baggy' look for some time to come!!! x