Thursday, 21 November 2013

The birth plan

On Tuesday I met with my midwife (Joan) to go through various elements of my pregnancy and check that Baby J is cooking nicely (he is) He also is the right size (relevant if you read Monday's blog post 'BUMP OFF!')

Joan has been a midwife for nineteen years. Before being a midwife she was a nurse, for a decade (where has part of her role she delivered babies) so let's just say 'she's been there and seen it all!'

The Hubs and I quizzed her when we first met (out of genuine curiosity) about how many babies she's delivered... She lost count at forty, which 'in those days' she had to do to qualify! So I'm thinking she's witnessed, and taken part in hundreds, maybe even thousands of births (I like stats like these!!)

She is quite a matter of fact lady who sort of tells it like it is (much like me, so I warmed to her immediately)

Whilst the birth is still some time away (roughly fourteen weeks) she started to ask whether I had thought about it at all and whether I was planning on putting a birth plan together.

In truth, I've not and no, I wasn't planning on it.

I'm not particularly scared (yet) about the whole thing. I'm a pretty level headed person who sees birth as a means to an end, something totally natural that women have been doing across the world since the beginning of time.

I'm also not the earth mother type, so don't see birth as an amazing experience for me and my baby that I need to plan too much or over think.

My view is this: Do what you have to do to get Baby J out as safely, and naturally as possible.

As I have very few friends who have had babies (I'm still quite young) I've never knew that there were so many options for birth!!

It's actually pretty amazing...

- Lights dimmed

- Massage
- Hypnotherapy
- Water birth (with or without the Hubs in the water with you.... Eeeek!!!)
- Epidural
- Skin to skin immediately
- Baby cleaned prior to skin to skin
- Music
- Birthday stool
- Gas & air (that one I knew from 'call the midwife!')

The list is endless!!

When Joan asked me about my birthing plan...  I think I may have been a little quick to dismiss the whole thing (probably out of ignorance), saying something a long the lines of... 'I'll play it by ear' but having done a little research on the subject I think I may need to think again.

Whilst I won't have a proper written birth plan (well I don't think I will), I need to read around the topic to make sure I fully understand what everything on offer is, and what my options at various points are (not to mention what is the best option for Baby J)

Whilst I'd love to go in a little blind (makes it a tad less real) I think I need to grow up and read up for the best of myself and of course, the main man, Baby J.

I suppose it's back to the books for me... if I can find them amongst the mess & boxes! (I REALLY need these workmen to leave already!!!!!)

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  1. You're like me...birth plan? What birth plan? My first child (older than you as it happens) came amidst fear and anxiety at the tender age of 19! Skip to my third at the tender age of 47, and I was a mistress of birthing! ;)
    Honestly, and joking aside. Babies come whether you plan the whole birthing thing or not. My only plan was to go in, huff and puff through the pain, bounce on the birthing ball (that is such a necessary thing to do - amazing tool for getting that bambino down) and have no pain relief (yes you can do it. It's all mind over matter) except for a little gas and air at the end...wooooo.... spaced out! Which I did not like much. I could have done it without, but nursey saw fit to pop it into my hand!
    Like you said, it's a means to an end. I never liked being pregnant with any of mine and giving birth is the same, but you get a reward at the end - bonus!
    Good luck