Monday, 4 November 2013

Getting out & about

People (mums) keep telling me that I need to enjoy the next few months as much as I can.

I'm being told to sleep as much as physically possible as I have no idea how tired I'll soon be (difficult in my opinion to catch-up on sleep in advance...) go on as many dates with the Hubs as possible, go to the cinema lots as when Baby J arrives I won't be going for a long time... & see lots of friends!

Quite a 'to do' list.

Little do these 'recommenders' know, but I have just moved into my new home. 

This means that for the last three weekends on the trot I've been frequenting home wear, hard wear and carpet shops. 

My evenings are spent making to do lists, emailing plumbers, electricians and decorators and my free time (apart from when blogging) is filled with Internet research (furniture is key at the moment and I'm on the hunt for a dressing table and chest of drawers. I've not even started looking yet for furniture for the nursery!!)

I've no time for all those lovely things mums are recommending I do before Baby J's arrival, and I bet they didn't either.

Whether or not you've moved home, I bet your time is filled preparing your life for the new arrival.

As the Hubs and I have been so busy (and dare I say it, stressed) we made time this weekend for each other. A delicious meal at a lovely restaurant topped off with frozen yoghurt (my favourite) for dessert. It was a fab evening. 

We've only been married 5 months and so much has happened. From the minute the marriage licence was signed everything changed (for the better) we found out about Baby J and purchased our new home.

Saturday night was wonderful and reminded me how important it is to make time for each other. You chose to marry one another after all so why not enjoy it!!  

I've also vowed to continue to get out and about when Baby J arrives, I'm sure I sound na├»ve but I'm going to try my hardest to still meet good friends at the weekend and not be totally consumed with the baby... 

Let's see what happens when reality strikes!!!!

The bottom line of this blog post? As ever there are no rules. Do what works for you, but do try if at all possible to get out and about. It's lovely when you do and really special. 

I can't wait for Baby J to arrive but know that little things like a long hot soak in the tub will soon become a thing of the past... Oh well, the sacrifices we make ;o)

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