Tuesday, 26 November 2013

On the road to trimester three

Each trimester, so far, has had its ups and it's downs.

Trimester one was definitely the quickest, and slowest in equal measures.

The first half flew by, most likely because I had no idea I was pregnant. A chunk of it was spent honeymooning, and a chunk spent on British soil on a wedding/honeymoon come down (this is the point when the silly two seater car was purchased… we still aren’t ‘discussing’ our plan of action)

The second half? Torture. The waiting. The worrying. The anxiety. Time has never passed so slowly.

Emotionally, trimester one was certainly the most up and down.

The most unbelievable.

The most wondrous.

I went through so many emotions... Is this happening? It can’t really be true?
How though? I never thought it would/could happen so quickly!!

Physically, trimester one was not amazingly pleasant. Acne, growing pains, gas & bloating with no cute physical bump to ease the pain.

Not to mention that you have to keep your news a secret for the majority of the first trimester which is torture in itself... Not only are you full of fear and excitement, but you feel pretty crap and can't tell anyone why.

Overall trimester one was the toughest (I know this is naive at this point) but also the most incredible.

Discovering the news, seeing Baby J's first on screen performance and starting to come to terms with the fact that the Hubs and I will soon be parents, what a huge amount to get our heads around.

Trimester two started much the same as one... I didn't really experience a change until a few weeks in.

Time wise, trimester one has been so fast I can't quite believe it's almost over. Where has the time gone?? Genuinely it's scary. Tuesdays are Baby J's birthday and it feels like I'm constantly waking up, turning to Hubs and updating him on what fruit/vegetable Baby J's size now emulates (today he’s a cauliflower)

Physically, trimester two rocks. My bump began to fully protrude (no cause for a 'baby on board' badge these days) and all those horrid symptoms started to fade. My hair became the shiniest and fullest it's ever been, and my skin is soft and clear.

Emotionally, trimester three once again rocks. This all comes down to ‘kicking’.

Kicking is the best feeling in the world. Scans, tests and doctors are all fab, but actually feeling your baby wriggling around inside of you is just incredible. I actually think I'll miss this sensation when he's born.

As the end of trimester two draws closer you also start to do more shopping, more planning and really start to come to the realisation that this is actually happening.

I suppose the reality of the life change starts to hit you and you start to see beyond the pregnancy. We're not just buying the odd baby grow, which let's face it, sort of takes us back to our childhoods and doesn't bring with it a huge amount of reality. We're buying prams and car seats, and starting to think about furniture. Furniture for our soon to be born child to sleep in.

For me trimester two has come with a big plate full of reality topped with a little fear, and served with a side helping of overwhelming excitement.

So what lies ahead in trimester three?

Let's see... Antenatal classes, the baby shower, an even bigger bump, the fact that I will have officially outgrown my entire wardrobe, the growth scan, serious shopping (furniture, sterilizer’s and so on), hopefully zero stretch marks, I believe the comeback of a few of trimester one's delightful symptoms oh and the birth!!!

Whilst this is all rather terrifying and pretty exciting at the same time... It's trimester four that I can't wait for! Actually being a mum and having Baby J to cuddle and kick me on the outside, rather than inside!!!


  1. soooo exciting! I also loved the feeling of the baby moving and really missed it after the birth.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. It's just amazing isn't it… it's also incredibly hard to explain!! xx