Monday, 11 November 2013

Bedtime routine

Do you ever time your bedtime routine? If you haven't, or will try to after reading this post I bet you'll be somewhat surprised...

I've never really thought of myself as one of those girls who spends ages getting ready. Makeup wise, I've been wearing the same four products since I was eighteen (Mac foundation, bronzer, mascara and coal pencil eyeliner) Hair wise, I'm incredibly dull. I've rocked the same straight, centre parted since I can remember and I've never dyed my hair (my mum would never let me, their were big crying tantrums over this in my teen years, and as ever, I'm grateful to her for enforcing the no-dying hair policy in my adult years!)

In terms of moisturisers, I've always 'used' moisturiser but sort of slapped on whatever is lying around. Most of the time I opted for an E45 type product, but sometimes I'd go for something a little more high end (often 'borrowing' one of my mums nice products!!)

Before my wedding I have to admit that I stepped things up a little... my shower gel went from Boots own, to the Lush product 'It's raining men'. This is my absolute favourite product... (it's made from a combination of honey and exotic flowers and smells DIVINE) A lovely girl I work with used to work for Lush and recommended it to me. It started as a luxury pre-wedding treat and has fast become part of my daily routine. 

In terms of face creams, pre-wedding me wasn't too focused on face creams. I'd always use it but wasn't married to a particular brand or product. In the run up to the wedding I did step things up, like all other ladies out there, I wanted my skin glowing on my special day (I sounds like such a brat!!) so took a little trip to Kiehls. Another girl from work (I promise you that we do actually work sometimes and don't just constantly yak about beauty products!) put me onto their 'Ultra Face Cream' and 'Midnight Recovery Concentrate' these products are expensive BUT you don't use much each time and they are honestly amazing. My skin was transformed overnight from soft and normal looking to baby soft and glowing skin (people actually commented on it!)

As mentioned in previous posts, since falling pregnant my skin has dramatically changed. My new found love for moisturisers thankfully has not been forgotten.  Whilst I hope to return to all the aforementioned products once Baby J is born... until then, I am currently using a combination of nothing (as most things set my skin off) and Diprobase on my face. It is the only thing that puts moisture into my skin without irritating it. My skin isn't exactly glowing... but it's not too bad for a pregnant lady!

Body moisturising is where the fun starts (and where I lose hour after hour!!)

I start with a little bump love... personally I can't live without Champneys Blissful Stretch Mark Oil

I am not usually one for oils, but this is so light and smells delicious. It isn't such a strong scent that it makes me gag like so many other products (one of the joys of pregnancy, that increased smell sense) and the Hubs loves how it makes my skin feel.

I then move onto my chest... for this I use the Mama Mio 'Boob Tube, bust and neck firmer'.  This was a birthday present along with my much adored leg cream... the Mama Mio 'Lucky Legs Cooling Serum'. They are both utterly self indulgent and luxurious, the leg serum is a lot of fun as it makes my legs go all tingly after use!

In terms of my hair... I thankfully am able to use the same product I always have. My beloved 'Moroccan Oil' that I use when my hair is wet to make it all lovely and shiny.

Finally my hands... (the list is endless!!) I have always been someone who likes a good hand cream but struggles to find one that doesn't make my skin greasy... My favourite product (I've used many in my time) is the Oliver Bonas 'Naturally European Ginger & Lime Luxury Hand Cream' it smells incredible and lasts forever as you only need to use a tiny dollop each time.

For someone who really isn't beauty products, this is quite an extensive list and takes up a decent part of my evening to apply. By the time I get into bed, I feel incredibly relaxed and sleepy from this array of products. The Hubs always comments on how nice I smell and how soft my skin is which is a nice bonus too.

Everyone likes a little indulgence now and again and if beauty treatments are the way to achieve that feeling of 'zen' then I'm all for it. Whilst they are a little pricey at times, they're a hell of a lot cheaper than constant spa visits (which incidentally I am also a fan of!!)

I say... lap up the indulgence! If you can't enjoy looking after yourself and feeling all 'lovely' when pregnant then when can you?? Once I am mummy I guarantee that my luxurious night time ritual will fade away so until then I am going to keep it up... despite it taking up most of my evening!

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  1. Bed time routine made me think I was going to read all about how you were planning babyJ's bed time . But beauty rituals. Now that is a whole new game. Although I could tell you all about baby's bed times routines, I will stick to mine for now and come back to BabyJ's when you need advice.

    How do your bed clothes stand up to all your night time unctions? I slap on my Retinol C, my serum and my Korres night cream and do wonder if most of it comes off on the pillow over night.

    The best product I have used recently is that Lumigan for eyelash growth. It is on private prescription only but boy it works. I have gone from years of stubby lashes to full growth lush ones in a month. Did you see the photo I put on twitter a while back? If not I will post an update today!

    Keep up the good work x