Friday, 8 November 2013

The glow

Everyone has been telling me that sooner or later I'll start to feel amazing. That my hair will be glossy and thick, my energy levels boosted and that I'll generally feel 'radiant'.

As I entered the second trimester, and fully settled in I became a little worried as this 'glow' that the world speaks of didn't seem in sight.

My hair: unchanged. My energy levels: unchanged (worse if anything) and I certainly was not feeling radiant (not that I really know what this feels like... The word 'radiance' conjures up images of Jane Bennett rather than any modern day humans)

Whilst I've had bigger fish to fry over the last few weeks (trying to get hot water in our house for one!) I have wondered at the odd quiet moment when I'd start to feel 'the glow'.

Looking back at the last few days, I think I can say (in fact, I know I can say) that the transition has happened (I sound more like I'm talking about 'the change'.... I assure you that I'm not!)

Yesterday I asked the Hubs to take a picture of me on my phone as I'm trying to document through photography my growing bump.

Whilst this might sound simple, I,  like most women out there am my own worst critique, and pull myself apart in photos.

This usually means that many many picture have to be captured before I find one I am just about happy with (never ever am I thrilled)

Yesterday was different.

The Hubs took the photo and handed me back the phone. I asked in disbelief (I thought he knew me better my now!) what he was doing? We had a good ten minutes of picture taking to get through at the least before I found one good enough for my phone (the weird thing is that these pictures don't even go anywhere, they are literally just for me!)

He smiled and said, 'have a look'. As I did (now in a little grump) I was surprised by my reaction. It was a nice photo and I did look (dare I say it) a little radiant!

My skin looked fine, my hair pretty shiny, my bump, neat and tidy and I had a big fat smile firmly planted across my face!

Had it happened? Was this the glow people speak of??

I think it was.

As I started to think back to the last few days I realised there had been no moaning about tiredness... My hair had been easier to wash and dry and I did have a little spring in my step!

Needless to say, I sent the picture round to a few close friends... (& maybe some acquaintances!) I'd been hiding out from most people for the majority of my pregnancy and now I decided was the time to shine!!

At little self indulgent I know... But we've got to take pleasure where we can right??

After all... I've heard rumours on the 'pregnancy grapevine' that the third trimester tends to bring back all the delightful symptoms of the first!!

Luckily I've got perspective on my side these days (unlike at the beginning!!) and more important I know that after the third trimester is out the way... Baby J will come out to play!!


  1. Oh I struggled finding that glow, and then realised one day that my skin was better then it had been for years and my hair had grown so much and was really thick.. oh I'll miss nice skin and hair when I'm no longer pregnant! Wish I could keep those bits! x

  2. So glad it's not just me!! It does sort of creep up on you doesn't it ;o) I am sure you still look fab but I know what you mean, I wish I could hold onto this feeling forever!x

  3. Enjoy it ! I'm almost a little envious. My babies are now 21, 18 and 13. My glow fades as each one leaves home. xxxx Life's Luxuries.

    1. I'm sure you're still glowing!! And if not, I bet your beautiful children are :) Thanks for your comment xx