Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bump Off!

Last night I posted a tweet that fuelled quite a large debate amongst a number of you.

After being out and seeing some friends, I was left feeling a little flat and a weeny bit anxious.

For someone who today is 26 weeks pregnant (Happy Birthday Baby J!) I apparently I have a relatively small bump.

This isn't the first time I've received comments to this avail.

In truth, it's pretty much daily that someone (friends, strangers... anyone really!) feels the need to touch my stomach (so weird) and share their words of wisdom about the size of my baby bump.

I must say that I personally don't agree with the masses, having watched my body turn over the past 26 weeks from relatively toned and slim to what I only can describe as 'swollen' (that's my polite way of saying fat)

The Hubs also doesn't agree... Especially as now when we snuggle up he can barely fit his arms around me.

Neither does my mum and she knows best of all. I'll never fully understand how she's been able to buy me clothes at any age, at any size and they'll fit me perfectly (I've not been consistent so this is harder than it sounds!) She knows my body well and would be the first to say if she thought something was wrong.

I suppose the issue here isn't so much about the size of 'my' bump... It's more about the public (I suddenly feel like a politician) and their openness and confidence in dishing out their uneducated opinions about it.

I know people mean no harm, but surely they should be bright enough (especially as they're all seemingly qualified medical professionals... Can you feel my anger?) to realise that pregnant women are scared, anxious and most importantly hormonal.

The last thing we need is a complex about the size of our bumps?!

It seems that many of you agree with me, and many of you have experienced this unnecessary overstepping of what is polite and acceptable in society.

What I was interested to learn last night following my twitter post was that it doesn't just stop at small bumps.

Oh no.

People also like to share their opinions of big bumps, high bumps, low bumps and in same cases 'odd' shaped bumps!! (Surely not?)

As I mentioned earlier, I don't mean to rant or sound too harsh it's just that I'm a worrier. Thankfully I'm seeing my midwife this afternoon who I'll ask to measure the bump to ensure all is well. If I didn't already have the appointment, last nights comments (from 'the public', not from you lot) would have driven me to make a last minute booking.

I'm sure all is well. But who needs the added stress?

Maybe next time someone comments I should respond with a comment about their appearance?

"You've got a small bump"

"Thanks, haven't you got big ears!"

I don't think that would go down too well, but at least they'd get the point!!!

My advice on the matter? Ignore people, most likely they are trying to engage with your pregnancy in some way and don't know what else to say than to comment on the bump... I just wish they'd say nothing at all!

After all, my mother always taught me that if you've got nothing nice to say, to say nothing at all!


  1. Interesting post - I never really minded people mentioning my bump, and it varied from being small and neat to big depending on who was commenting :) with my oldest daughter though not be person who didn't know me commented when I was out - I don't think most people knew I was pregnant under my coat! And that was worse - I was paranoid that my bump was invisible somehow. So when people mentioned it with my 2nd bump I enjoyed it xx

  2. I could have written this. When I was pregnant I wasn't even really showing at all by 20 weeks and when I was 2 weeks overdue with H my bump was still very small. Everyone commented. One stranger even asked if I was worried that their might be something wrong with my baby because my bump was so small. It seems when you are pregnant people feel it is perfectly acceptable to say anything they like to you, no matter how rude it is! Used to make me very angry. However, I think in a round about way it was a good thing. It was preparation for all the unwanted attention, advice and rude comments I've received since Holly was born. I'd far prefer people would just mind their own business though, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way. Some people are just rude. As long as you and baby are happy and healthy, that's all that matters.

  3. Thank you both for your comments, it is tricky as you know people mean no harm but it is so easy to worry. I wish people would mind their own business too and stop thinking that just because your belly is protruding it is a signal that it is ok to comment! No one would ever tell me if I put on weight suddenly or had a terrible hair cut and I don't think it is too different!! It's true though, none of this matters. The only important thing is that the baby is well :-) I suppose it's also true that all the attention is good prep for what'll come when Baby J arrives in 16 weeks time!!