Sunday, 1 December 2013

Waddling through Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, a train ride, a short stint on the tube followed by a wee walk took me, the hubs and some good friends through the doors of Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland

I love Christmas and I love Christmas markets so I was pretty excited about the whole thing!!

As we entered I have to say that I was pretty overwhelmed by the crowds of people, nervously rubbing my bump as people pushed and shoved past me.

After a few short minutes we were in the thick of the fair and the crowds had settled a little. 
We were surrounded by Christmas. It was gorgeous, ornaments, tress and sparkly decorations were all around and my senses were alive with the sweet smells of cinnamon, sugar & spices.

Whilst the majority of rides were out for me, that didn't stop the fun at all!!

Food I have to say was the star of the show, kicking off with a delectable lamb and mint burger... I'm not a huge burger fan, but this was special. Flavoursome, succulent meat topped with flavour all packed into a crispy bun... Amazing!

After lunch, we headed for the games! We saw someone walking around with a giant toblerone and decided we had to have one! Too bad we failed miserably at the the game (you paid a few quid and were allocated a number that had to appear on the big wheel after a monstrous spinning.... The most effortless, high risk game in the whole place!!) so walked away empty handed, despite my friend offering the game keeper a few quid for one as he saw the pure look of disappointment on my face!

After that we trialled a dart game, and guess what... We (well the hubs) won me a giant penguin sporting a festive hat!!! I was so proud especially as this game actually required some skill!

Next, the four of us tried a stupid game. We we're give 50 (sounds a lot I know) small rings that we had to throw onto moving empty milk bottles. It sounds easy, but 50 tries later we walked away truly disappointed. The sad thing is that you only have to get one on to win a giant stuffed animal... In my mind this particular game is physically impossible!!!

Back to food... Next on to the agenda was chocolate & fruit covered dark chocolate... UNREAL. 
Truly indulgent and delicious. That was followed by a few choccy covered almonds (not my choice, I just pinched a few from my friends bag!) nevertheless, they were incredibly tasty! These were polished off by a few bites of a doughnut stick purchased by the hubs. 

Food wise, a success.

Ride wise, so fun! I only went on one.  It was called the fun house. We did ask the guy running it if I was ok to go on it, and he said yes. The fun house was filled with tricks and treats that made us all behave like kids! A complicated maze, a 'Grease' style moving wheel to walk through, shooting water and wind, and travelators! A few things weren't really pregnant friendly, but they were easy to avoid so not a problem and I was so pleased to have been able to go on something!!!

After that, the group (minus preggo) went on a scary roller coaster. The funny thing is that I really don't like fast rides and now have a legitimate excuse outside of fear... People don't put any pressure you on when you're pregnant... Normally I do suffer a little from peer pressure!!

After we had eaten our body weight in naughty treats, won some prizes and been on some rides we explored the shopping opportunities! I purchased a gorgeous scarf after having lots of fun trying on an array of ridiculous animal hats!

Aside from the fact that the nearest tube station was shut on the way home, it was a smashing day and being pregnant, if anything made it more fun! No one judged me for eating like a piggy and I was under no pressure to go on scary looking rides!!!

I wonder whether we'll go next year and what Baby J will think!!!!

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