Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Baby J's name

After months of deliberating (i.e. arguing) last night, the hubs and I came to (what I hope to be) the final decision about our sons name.

Now, I won't be revealing 'the name' in this blog post. Not only do I find it to be a little tempting fate, but, I don't want any feedback! Frankly, I'm quite sick and tired of feedback on the topic!

I don't know about you, but throughout my pregnancy, Baby J's name has been the favourite topic of conversation for pretty much anyone who has come into contact with me.

People mean no harm, I'm well aware of that. But people do need to be careful, I've sat through many a discussion (I rarely speak during these discussions, which most people don't seem to notice) where folk rip apart certain names in favour of their own preferences (careless of the fact that some those names may be on our short list)

On this topic, everyone has an opinion, and the ability to read body language (mine in particular which is always cold during these conversations) seems impossible. I wonder if I was like this before I fell pregnant? Completely oblivious to how the soon to be mother could feel as I forced my own unwelcome, irrelevant (in my opinion as for the most part names are entirely subjective) opinions on her? I certainly hope not. 

Once or twice people have touched on Baby J's soon to be name (they of course have no idea about this, I have a good poker face) and when they do, my whole body ceases up.

I just wish people would have the sensitivity to keep their opinions to themselves!

Rant over.

Anyway, it's quite funny. For some time, the hubs and I have been quite married to one particular name. 

Recently we met someone with this name. I won't go into detail about how, as it's a little nasty, but let's just say this person entirely put us off the name. The second we were introduced, the hubs and I knew, with one look at each other that this name was now well and truly out the window. See what I mean about subjectivity?! 

There is one name I have always loved. For a long time the hubs wasn't keen. I'm thrilled to say he has changed his mind on this now and we're decided. 

Every time I say the full name to myself I'm filled with joy and emotion. This name is our baby boy's name and I just know it.

We've told our mums, but as a definite rather than as a question. They both love it and equally we're filled with emotion when it was shared. They have also both agreed to keep it a secret. Not because I'm in anyway precious, I'm really not. I just can't face public opinion. When Baby J is born and family and friends are introduced to him properly, they'll love the name as it'll be his, and that will be that.

With ten weeks to go, and the luxury of time on my hands to really think about the future I'm beyond excited to meet my little boy.

I'm not wishing the time away at all though, I'm already panicking a little about sharing my son with the world, I love the fact that at the moment he's all mine :-)

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