Sunday, 8 December 2013


Sleep has become my enemy over the past few days. I can't seem to get comfortable no matter what I try.

Pillows, hot baths, sleep sprays, soothing candles.. Nothing can relieve the soreness I feel down my side and inability to get comfy (the worst part is that I know this is only going to get worse!)

The only position that I find vaguely comfortable is lying on my back, which really is only a short term solution as we all know it's a pregnancy no no.

There is no point getting frustrated about this as it's all part of pregnancy so just has to be endured!!

As I'm up through the night, and ready for the day to begin at around 6am (all prep for the months ahead) I've had a chance to reflect on a few things...

My life has been a whirlwind this year. I was married at the end of May, went straight on my honeymoon, came home, brought a car as we were on a comedown.... a few weeks later we discovered I was pregnant & a few weeks after that we purchased and moved into our our first proper home. 

All this has meant that I've not really had a second to sit down and process everything. Technically we're still newlyweds enjoying our first year of marriage... although it doesn't really feel that way. The joys of pregnancy really do dispel any notions of romance unfortunately.

Luckily, our wedding day was fabulous and something I'll always looks back on with the biggest smile on my face. Our honeymoon was heaven, the best trip of our lives and something I'll remember for ever. I think our happiness was radiating for the entire trip and perhaps even a little infectious... people were so kind to us, going out of their way to make us feel special with bottles of champagne, complimentary desserts sent to our room and so on...

One particular day will stay with me for a lifetime.

The start of our honeymoon was California, the finish was Hawaii. Whilst in California, we hired a car (a mustang convertible... amazing) and drove across the State. The most spectacular part came towards the end of this part of the trip. Driving through the Big Sur....

To be honest, pictures don't really do this drive justice. It was utterly breathtaking and for me so unexpected. I had no idea what was in store for me when the (then) fiancĂ© planned the route.

In the lead up to the Big Sur drive, we had stayed a few nights at these beautifully quaint B&Bs. One particular place that I adored was in a little town called Carmel. 

The B&B was called the Vegabond House Inn... The wonderful service, beautiful surroundings, wonderfully attentive staff and general atmosphere at this place were so amazing. 

The two nights we spent there will for me, always be remembered as what made our honeymoon. 

Hawaii, LA, Vegas, all fabulous but this place was true, simple romance. 

After reluctantly packing our bags for the next stop on our journey, we set off for the Big Sur. The drive was so spectacular and we had so much fun listening and singing along (for the umpteenth time) to the CDs I had prepared ahead of the wedding for the trip.

After driving around for hours, we were getting a little peckish and wanted somewhere to relax for a little where we could take in the views. I had spotted a place a few miles back and suggested we turn around and go back there. I always like places that are packed, not only from an atmosphere perspective but because I love food and hate the thought of a bad or 'wasted' meal. This place had cars queuing to get in... perfect. As time was no object, we turned back in search of, what I now know was the Nepenthe Restaurant. A place famed for serving lunch & dinner 800 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

As we walked in, we were greeted by the view... it was unreal. I was also pleased as the food looked pretty good! As we sat down, we opened our menus and started to discuss what we were going to have... I opted for a turkey sandwich on rye, the hubs went for a steak sandwich and chips.

After ordering I noticed the couple sat beside us, largely because the lady was speaking with a English accent. She actually sounded a lot like Sharon Osborne... Northern twinge that had been slightly Americanised. As I do, I very quickly started chatting to her. The hubs always gets annoyed that I'll chat to anyone and tell them my life story in exchange for theirs!

This couple were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary by recreating their honeymoon. They were so lovely and despite being 35 years ahead of us, totally understood us, and also carried that aura of happiness about them that people in love do. 

By the time our food came, I knew everything about them. How they'd met, their two sons names and the struggles they'd faced financially in their first few years of marriage. We were explaining to them how we were looking for a house in London and how impossible it was to find due to the outrageous house prices.. we were telling them how we'd most likely end up living out of London (as we do and it's the best) and how we imagine that most of our single friends who don't have the luxury of two incomes will likely struggle to ever get on the property ladder....

Perhaps not the most romantic of conversations but we were all very much on the same page. 

Our food arrived around 20 minutes into the chat at the sam time that their bill arrived. I felt that they paid their bill quickly so as to not infringe upon our time together and enjoyment of the food. 

As they got up to leave, and we said our goodbyes, the lady from the couple came over to us. She squeezed my arm tightly and said the following words I'll never forget...

"Have the most wonderful life together"

It sounds so silly, but the way she said it was so sincere. So real. It almost felt like a blessing of some kind.

A few seconds later, they were gone & the hubs and I were left to reflect and discuss the conversation. We were quite honestly quite touched by them. For the next ten minutes or so we quietly enjoyed our tasty sandwiches and took in the stunning view. 

As the waiter cleared away our empty plates, he said the following to us... 

"That lovely couple who you were chatting to have paid for your meals. They asked me to wait to tell you until they had left. They have asked me to offer you wine & dessert, anything you want is covered." 

Now, I don't know about you. But no one has ever done anything for me like that before. To not even allow us the chance to thank them. A true act of kindness. 

We of course ate and drank nothing more so as to not appear greedy and because we were truly moved and in shock. What fabulous people. I can't believe we didn't even ask their names.

For the rest of the day, well the rest of the trip really, we couldn't stop thinking and talking about it and have of course pledged to one day do the same for another couple.

That day will stay with me forever.

The reason I am telling this story is because I am trying to teach myself to live in the now and enjoy every moment rather than always thinking about and planning the next thing. It is also important to take a second to sit and reflect. We all move through our lives at such a fast pace and rarely take the time to stop and think. 

Instead of stressing over the countless hours I have on my time at the moment due to the inability to sleep... I am going to use this time to think.  Not just about Baby J and the millions of memories that lie ahead, but to think back and remember all the wonderful memories already created.

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