Monday, 16 December 2013

Maternity leave... day 1

Today was/is my first official day of holiday from work. I say holiday as my official maternity leave doesn't start until January, I am currently using up leftover holiday from this year, but let's face it... in the eyes of the world I am now on maternity leave.

Following Friday's blog post about my last day at work, this weekend was a bit of an odd one. Full of emotion, and unease I made my way to my parents house for supper Friday night. The hubs had his work Christmas party, so I attended dinner alone. My brother and his partner were there which I was excited about. My bro and I are close, and recently he's been rather busy so I've not had the chance to see him or spend any proper time with him. The one problem with being so close is that there are no pleasantries with my brother and I. As much as we're best friends, we drive each other crazy. Now, I don't know if it was just the fact that we had an argument, or it was a combination of that, and my built up emotion from finishing work and the realisation of what's to come... but I got myself into a bit of a hysterical state. This was not aided by the fact that the hubs wasn't by my side to calm me down. So that was the start of the weekend... an epic row with my bro, followed by a dramatic display of hysterics on my part.

Thankfully, the rest of the weekend went rather well. Saturday was spent doing odd jobs and relaxing with the hubs, with a few delightful visitors thrown in for good measure. Saturday night was spent dining at our friends house. They made us a terrific meal, and we got to watch their wedding video. They are newly weds and recently had the most spectacular wedding so it was fab to re-live it with them.

Sunday was spent celebrating a friends birthday with a lot of little ones. This particular group of friends are all a wee bit older than me & the hubs, so already all have one of more kids. It's odd hanging out with them, as so few of our other friends have babies... it's sort of like stepping into the future when we see them. Discussions about nannies, nurseries and other grown up things make the hubs and feel a little out of our depth and very very unprepared for our soon to be future!

This morning was when my new reality hit home. At 6.15am the alarm went off. But it was only the hubs who had to get out of bed...

As I drifted in and out of my slumber I noticed him pottering about getting ready for work. As you know, if you follow this blog, I make breakfast each morning for the hubs. I am the type of person who is awake the second their eyes open, so it wasn't hard for me to get out of bed to prepare him his morning bagel. However, as I stepped out of bed... I looked over to his bed side table and noticed that his bagel and morning cuppa were already sat their, on his night stand patiently waiting to be consumed... whilst most woman would be thrilled by this, I automatically felt a little redundant... not that I'll ever admit it to him!

As he came out the bathroom, showered and ready to tuck into his breaky, he climbed back into bed and we had a chat. Chats in bed with breakfast are usually a custom reserved for the weekends, but this was delightful and something I hope becomes our morning ritual. Once he'd finished, he got up and got ready. He of course didn't think it necessary that I drive him to the station but as I say... when I am up, I am up, and I wanted to take him (a girl has to feel a little needed after all!)

Once I'd dropped him, I hurried home to prepare for my day... and what a day it has been. 

The following has been achieved today...

- 3x washing loads
- 2x loads of washing hung to dry
- 1x washing load dried in dryer
- 1x shower & blow dried hair
- 1x breakfast eaten
- 1x Christmas tree purchased and erected (lights and baubles complete)

- 1x friend and gorgeous baby visited
- 1x food shop complete
- 1x dinner prepared
- 1x house tidied
- 1x bin emptied
- 1x dishwasher emptied & refilled
- 1x X Factor results watched
- 1x romantic movie watched (Sleepless in Seattle)
- 1x blog post (almost) written
- 1x alarm gone off resulting in 1x fuse box being reset 
- 1x copy of Mother & Baby read

Now, I don't know if you're easily impressed (I am), but I am highly impressed with what has been achieved today. I know that this is all new to me, and I am so used to being busy that I am finding things to fill my day... but look how productive I've been!!!

If everyday is like this, my house will be shipshape by Christmas Eve!!!

So far, I have to say, this maternity leave lark is fabulous and I am loving it... I wonder how long it is until I am bored and depressed? 

I give myself a week... 

I will say this though, I've not felt this relaxed (despite being super busy) in quite some time! 

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