Thursday, 12 December 2013

Life in a fat suit...

It took a good few months, but I now official feel like I am trapped in a fat suit. Every little piece of me feels big and swollen…. my arms, my legs, my stomach, my face and my boobs (my boobs are the worst offenders)

After months of receiving compliments about the way I look… how nice and neat my bump is and how you wouldn't know I was pregnant unless you looked down, how I've never looked better… it's all changed and I am now officially a fat person.

For some time, I was eating whatever I wanted… indulging in a lot of naughty treats (cakes, crisps and carbs) and convincing myself that I wasn't gaining wait… "It's the baby, he needs the calories!"

This week, I feel rather disgusting.

Not only do I feel gross and full up all the time (as I can't stop myself from eating even though I know I am not hungry and am making myself feel terrible) but I don't particularly like looking at myself either (I know I am pregnant so was bound to put on weight but this is a little out of control…)

Suddenly I am very aware that as I walk through a restaurant my hips seem to knock things off other people's table, I have a new friend (the delightful double chin), I am more snuggly than usual and just feel very large.

Obviously as I finish work tomorrow, more meals have been eaten out than usual… take today for example… I met colleagues for breakfast, am being taken out for a leaving lunch and am meeting a friend for supper… not only is this having quite an impact on my wallet, but it's leaving me feeling rather awful.

At this time of year, I always overindulge. 

It's just strange that this year it's food rather than drink that I am over doing…  is there such a thing as a food-over? i.e. that awful feeling suffered after chowing down on far too much food, sweets and carbs in particular!

I am hoping that when I am home next week I will eat a lot less… although, it is likely that I'll be bored and when I'm bored… I tend to eat…. someone needs to help me!!! 

I am a little out of control….

Things probably wouldn't be so bad if I was doing ANY exercise… I am literally doing nothing at the moment… blaming it on being too busy - this means that next week I literally have no excuse… eeeeeeekkkkkk

I don't really care about how I look, as I say, I am a pregnant lady so people don't really judge… it's more about how I feel and I feel terrible… big and full….

I am lucky that, so far, the hubs hasn't really noticed (and if he has he's not said a word) but I am wary that the more I eat now and the bigger I get the harder it will be to lose.

I know a lot of you probably think I am being stupid and overindulgent but we can't help how we feel!! Surely I can't be the only one out there who feels this way?? 


  1. yikes! Are you sure you look as bad as you feel? I feel for you, I really do. Have you read much in the pregnancy books about the effects on the baby of a high sugar diet? Now how can we help you with the cravings? Hmmmmmm.

    With my first baby I put on 4 stone. Oh dear me . It wasn't hard to loose after she was born but I did regret it. I breastfed her until she was 9 months and then decided to loose the weight with a very silly calorie restricted diet. It worked and then I got pregnancy again (husband's renewed interest!!).

    With baby number 2 I didn't put on as much weight...........but almost. After he was born I was so upset at being overweight again that I stopped breastfeeding after a month and went on an even more crazy diet which led to severe weight loss and obsession.

    Baby number 3, some 5 years later was 10 and a half pounds at birth. Ouch! I had put on only a small amount of weight with him though. Older and wiser with not too many indulgences.

    I hope you feel better soon. Do you think you feel full up all the times as the baby is getting bigger and pushing up towards your stomach.......ah......I'm thinking heartburn now. Joy of joys.


  2. that comment above was actually from me!