Monday, 2 December 2013

The 4D Scan

Yesterday my mother-in-law asked me if I was planning on having a 4D scan.

Having never heard of the concept before, about a year ago they became overly popular and I was seeing them all over the place.

I still remember seeing one for the first time (quite a step change from the usual scan picture I'd seen... much more graphic and play-doh like!)

This could be because up until a year ago they weren't available, or because up until about a year ago I had very very few friends with babies (so just wasn't exposed to it)

Having discussed it for about a minute with the hubs his view on the rest was pretty clear. In his mind it was unnecessary and just a bit weird.

Usually when it comes to things like this, I find myself passionately disagreeing with him.

Not this time.

We had The Harmony Test early on in my pregnancy, a test that comes with a decent price tag but is very reassuring at the same time. Whilst the test does tell you the baby's gender (which some may agree, and some may disagree with), the main reason for doing it is to discover any genetic disorders your little one may have.

This test wasn't a discussion. The second we heard about it, the second we both knew we'd have it.

The 4D scan is a little different for us. Aside from the fact that it has no medical benefits so I can't in my mind really justify the cost in my mind, I don't really like the images produced. The babies always look a little squishy. I also am not sure I want to know what Baby J looks like.

Yes there are benefits. You can pretty much see all the features on their face. My friend had one before her little girl was born and I couldn't believe it when I met her. It was like I already knew her... this particular friend made the 4D scan her cover photo on Facebook... Each to their own!

However, by the time you have the scan you're nearing the end of your pregnancy. For those of us who discover our baby's gender in advance, we have a good few months to start imaging what our little one will be/look like. Seeing what they look like is just a little too much for me. The idea actually makes me a little uncomfortable.

I am a neurotic control freak and surprised myself a little when I realised my opinion on the matter, but seeing Baby J's little face for the first time is one of those moments I'm most looking forward to about the birth... second to hearing his first cry (of course!)

I never judge anyone else for their opinions, and am sure that a lot of people out there can't understand why you would want to know the sex  of the baby in advance... I suppose years ago it wasn't an option so some people are still getting their heads around it. Some love the idea of the surprise on the day (for me this wasn't an option, I had to know and have zero regrets about finding out, I love referring to Baby J as a "him" rather than an "it" and discovering that he's a little boy just made the whole thing so real for me and for the hubs)

I wonder what the developments will be in the future!? I imagine that in a few years from now everyone (in Western countries) will have 4D scans as they'll become the norm, but what else?

Will we be able to have a camera in our belly's watching the entire pregnancy process?? Maybe we will be able to hear them??

We will have to wait and see I guess

For me, technology, on the one hand is mind blowing and awesome and on the other, scary as hell!

Either way you won't be seeing a 4D picture of Baby J anytime soon, I guess you'll just have to wait for the real thing :-)

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  1. I don't know if I would have wanted to have a 4D scan or not. Seems odd but then I suppose ordinary scans seemed odd at first. I did know the sex of my first baby and my last baby , but not the middle one. It didn't make much difference to the birth experiences to be honest. I do however remember feeling over whelmed that the middle child was a boy after having had a girl....