Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Baby nightmares

This morning I woke up in a slight state of panic. I was heavily breathing and sporting a slight sweat.

It had happened again...


I've only experienced this once before during my pregnancy, the first
time a lot more vivid.

The first time it happened, I dreamt that it was summer time and my mum had come over to the house.

For some reason, she had decided to open the 'stable door' in the lounge (which we don't have).

Later that evening the hubs and I were tucked up in bed, when I opened my eyes to see the neighbours cat staring right at me by the bedroom door... (if you don't follow the blog, read the post entitled 'phobias' to see why this was such a huge problem for me)

Next thing I knew, the hubs was shaking me awake. Apparently (in my sleep) I'd gone a little nuts and was running around the room screaming in distress.

Not a baby or new mother related nightmare I know, but a nightmare nonetheless and nightmares are not something I had experienced so vividly before during my pregnancy.

Last night, the nightmare was baby related, however my memory of it is far less vivid. I know that the dream wasn't good leaving a very bad feeling and I know that it included blood... That's all I want to say (or think) about it, as it was so horrid.

It's funny how pregnancy effects every part of our beings, even our subconscious.

Over the past few weeks, friends have been sharing their own pregnancy nightmares with me, and they can really be pretty horrendous...

One friend woke up (in the dream) with a flat belly and burst into tears (she's 7 months pregnant), one friend couldn't find the baby in the dream only to discover it was under her bed!

I know this is part and parcel with pregnancy but that doesn't help at that moment when you wake in an utter state of panic and shock!!

So, what's the reason for pregnancy nightmares? Common sense tells me it's our fears, worries and hormones all coming together in our subconscious and that whatever the dream may be is utter rubbish and means nothing.

I remember when I was getting married. I suffered about three nightmares including cheating, death and outrageous wedding disasters.

Obviously there was no meaning to any of this, as I believe there is no meaning to my recent bad dreams.

That doesn't mean that I'm left feeling at ease at all though, after dealing with one of these dreams I'm left feeling a bit flustered and out of sorts for the day...

After the cat nightmare I kept seeing flashes of that cats face whilst standing at my bedroom door (in my mind, ready to attack!) 


I don't think there is any point trying to rationalise these dreams, but I do think talking them out with others helps ease the memory and stress related to them.

The irony for me? I've been having such trouble sleeping recently and the first time I actually have a good nights sleep on ages, I'm woken first thing in the morning by a horrid nightmare!!!

Not looking forward to crawling under the covers tonight

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