Monday, 28 October 2013

Why start a blog?

The (scary) moment when I discovered I was pregnant, the first thing I did after telling the Hubs was jump on my iPad and start Googling all matters pregnancy related. There was just so much to read up on and being a slightly (understatement) neurotic, impatient and obsessive person I wanted to learn everything at that moment. 

Little did I know that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, not only does it take some time to get your head around being pregnant but it takes time to work out what is and what is not worth reading. 

This blog will take you through my experience of pregnancy and hopefully reassure you (if your pregnant) that you're not nuts! Everyone worries about the same things (from hot tubs, to gas, to prams), having read a million and one stories, blogs and books, hopefully I'll be able to impart a few pearls of wisdom!

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