Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The harmony test

For those of you who haven't heard of it... 'The Harmony Test' is pretty awesome (I hadn't heard of it until it was offered to me!)

The test takes place in a lab in Philadelphia (don't worry, a passport isn't necessary!) after a very clever science man discovered that you could test an unborn baby for all manner of things (including gender) simply by taking a blood sample from the mother and extracting the babies blood. Simple... well not exactly! 

After this very clever discovery was made, it took a few more years for another clever science man to come along and work out how to do this seemingly impossible task. You see,
if you have a blood test, only 10% of the blood in that little viral belongs to the baby, so you can perhaps see why this may not be he easiest of things to do!

When I was told about the test I was pretty excited. Yes it comes with a price tag (as most things do!) but for a neurotic, obsessive worrier it was worth every penny. 

I don't know how you are with needles, but I'm not fab (for some reason I always cross my fingers when having an injection, I do the same in the dentists chair!) In this case, I'm not gonna lie, it's a decent size needle, just remember that it'll be worth it in the end.

I remember sitting in the chair trying to make conversation with the lady administering the injection, she unfortunately was having none of it! Within a flash it was over, and I only had to wait 3 weeks for the results (3 weeks! I know, basically a lifetime!!!) 

In the meantime, me being the person I am Googled every possible outcome under the sun. This test is pretty full proof and tells you more about the babies genetics (as far as I know) than any of the other tests out there.

I must have called the UK lab a hundred times to find out if they had my results, by the end I didn't even need to tell the lab secretary my name when I called... to my embarrassment my voice was enough for her to identify me! 

Apparently there had been a mix up and they couldn't find my results...  

Not the call I hoped for after 3 weeks of desperate waiting! I'm again embarrassed to say that on hearing this news I cried down the phone to (my new friend) the secretary explaining that I really needed these results for my sanity... Hearing how clearly insane I was she promised to do her best to find them... She had my full trust, she had over the past 3 weeks become my new best friend (during that period I think I spoke to her on the phone more that I speak to my Mum, which is a lot!)

An hour or so later the phone rang, I of course recognised the number so darted out of my meeting with no explanation, I can only imagine what my colleagues thought given the look of terror on my face.

The results were in, Baby J was fine. I was thrilled. So thrilled that I almost hung up the phone to call the Hubs to tell him the news before she could tell me if Baby J was a boy or a girl!

On this point, I have to say... Don't believe the myths! Everyone was convinced that due to my bad skin and carb cravings that I was having a girl... How wrong they were.

The moment I was told that Baby J was a boy everything changed for me. I burst out crying and immediately called the Hubs. The Hubs was over the moon (if not a tad surprised, by this point I had 99% convinced him that it was a girl).

The Hubs is football mad so instantly I know visions entered his head of cheering on his club with a mini supporter by his side!

As I said, the moment I found out the news everything changed. Suddenly he was real! I could almost picture him!! I remember calling up my Dad and screaming "You're having a grandson!!" and him sounding so so thrilled. For all involved (me, the Hubs  and the grandparents to be) it made the whole thing real and wonderful.

Baby J was happy, healthy & cooking away and was a little boy.

To celebrate I took myself off (after work!) to Baby Gap to purchase my first baby boy garments. I chose a mini pair of jeans and a mini blue and white shirt (it's similar to what the Hubs would wear which brought me to tears in the shop!!) 

I 100% respect those women who don't take these tests and don't wish to know the babies gender in advance. For me it was a wonderful experience, Baby J is no longer an 'it', he's a 'he' and I love him already! 

Knowing that all was as well as it could be was also a huge relief and priceless to me. 

Each of these hurdles are hard, but the feeling of relief is worth a million hours of worry. 

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