Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Food glorious food

I love to eat. Always have, always will. As mentioned in a previous post, I fell pregnant almost crazily close to my wedding day so when I say I have gone from one extreme to another... I really have!

Ahead of my wedding, I put myself on quite a strict diet (misery). I have always been a careful eater following a few dodgy teen years (out of nowhere I become rather chubby with a tragic haircut... don't ask for photos, none exist - I've made sure of it!) Whilst I was never a chocoholic, or a sweet tooth, I've always loved carbs and have never really been into exercise. I did however make it my mission to get fit before my wedding day, I have always had an 'arm' issue (flabby, always look worse in photos!) and whilst I knew I couldn't eradicate the issue, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable in the fact that I'd done everything I could to make myself feel as good as I could for the big day! 

The Hubs and I joined our local gym about 18 months ahead of the big day (we had a long-ish engagement) and began our fitness mission. We perhaps started a little early so faced a 6 month lull where we almost gave up... 

A year before the big day we signed up for a personal trainer. For the next 12 months, 'Dennis' became quite a big part of our lives. Twice a week we'd get our gear on and head down to the gym for a gruelling work-out. Not saying I took it more seriously than the Hubs, but I definitely got into it quicker he did and enjoyed the competitive element ('competitiveness', another wonderful character trait of mine!) of the whole thing (rowing was particularly fun, in my mind I was transported to The Boat Race on The Thames racing the Hubs to the finish line!) 

As the months flew by, I started to feel more and more fit and people started to notice. I even started taking myself to the gym outside of the personal training sessions, after years of trying it had happened... I was hooked! If I missed a day, I felt guilty and longed for that feeling of pain that came after 30 mins of sprinting (jogging) on the treadmill. 

Not only that but we started doing 'Insanity'... If you've not heard of it, the only adjectives that come to mind when describing 'Insanity' are intense & pain! It's essentially a high fitness work out that you do with no equipment from the comfort of your own home... all you need is the DVD box set... you'll soon feel the burn! (no exaggeration, the Hubs was once sick after a particularly tough session... Insanity is not the faint hearted!) 

By the time the wedding day arrived, I felt fab and am thrilled I put in so much work as the pics are great and I wasn't at all uncomfortable in my strapless gown (a big pre-wedding fear of mine)

Whilst I could prepare for that, I could never have prepared for the change that was to follow....

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant food has become my focus. My literal focus. I love it. I orchestrate my life around and look forward to mealtimes (I 'try' not to snack but you'll usually find some rice cakes (well crisps, particularly Twiglets) in my handbag! 

My food schedule goes something like this...

Wake up, head straight downstairs to make me and the hubs bagels & tea for breakfast. I've always made him breakfast, I know it sounds ridiculous but I get a great amount of pleasure from seeing him eat and hate the thought of him missing a meal (I know I sound more like his mother than his wife but it's just who I am!)

11am, snack time - usually fruit, sometimes not fruit.... Jordan's Frusli bars are good for particularly hungry days... quite filling and relatively low calorie

1pm, lunchtime (I love lunchtime) this usually consists of any of the following; cooked salmon salad, jacket with beans and cheese, chicken wrap

4/5pm, sometimes an afternoon snack - usually fruit

7.30pm, dinner (best time of the day) - I love cooking which is great as I love eating - the two hobbies are literally made for each other! Dinner is usually made up of one of the following: roast chicken (sometimes with all the trimmings), spag bol (lazy days), some sort of Greek concoction (usually featuring tzkaiki, the Hubs & I love tzkaiki),  grilled fish and veg (healthy but dull), spaghetti puttanesca (what I refer to as my speciality) or something a little more creative when I am in the mood! 

9.30pm, snack (not always) usually fruit or sometimes a yoghurt or sneaky piece of choc (I've developed more a sweet tooth since falling pregnant)

I can't tell you how different this diet looks to my pre-wedding diet where I'm ashamed to admit that I mainly ate leaves and air! I will say that mealtimes are way more fun now, although I do worry about how big the role of food is in my life! 

In terms of exercise, I was reluctant to do anything at the beginning - I honestly think I was too scared! Now I am easing myself back in (slowly) with Pilate's and yoga. I do like classes, but I am not always able to get to them (especially having moved house a week ago) so for those who don't have the time/money for classes I highly recommend Suzanne Bowen's 'Pregnancy Workout, lean & toned', it is relaxing but hard work at the same time.

A lot of women are scared of weight gain during pregnancy, I am very much of the mindset that what will be will be. I'll do my best to lose the weight once Baby J arrives (I'm planning on revisiting the insanity workout eeeeeeeek) but I'm not going to beat myself up over a few pounds here and there. Pregnancy is hard work and all about being healthy, that doesn't mean over-indulge (although sometimes it's ok!) but don't fight yourself either - if you want something, have it! I've not really experienced cravings, but there are foods that I most certainly fancy more (biscuits & bread!) and I'm enjoying every bite, I invite you to as well! 

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