Thursday, 31 October 2013

Growing pains

An interesting thing that started to happen around week 13/14 was that I began to experience growing pains.

If you never had them as a child, it's the slightly uncomfortable sensation that your bones are stretching. It of course doesn't feel quite the same in pregnancy but it is rather a strange feeling. It kinda hurts, but not that much it's like little twinges of pain around your lower abdomen. 

Of course, the first time it happened I panicked and jumped straight on the phone to the Doc (so neurotic I know!) he assured me that all was fine, better than fine in fact. The sensations implicated the first growth spurts of Baby J's bones!!

From that day, I've become slightly fascinated with the 'miracle of life'. I know it sounds stupid, perhaps verging on earth mother but I just find the whole thing incredible. 

Yes it's been happening since the beginning of time, but in my case I didn't really appreciate how amazing it really is until I had life growing inside of me.

This is where the books come in handy, the week's food analogies are fun but nothing beats the medical side of things. One week 'baby' will not have ears, the next he will, same thing goes for hair and internal organs... What's even more magical is when they can hear you and when they can open their eyes.

Sometimes I get a little sidetracked by the concept of pregnancy rather than the literal side of things. It is an amazing thing us ladies can do and we shouldn't forget it! 

I recommend downloading one of these Apps ('What to expect when you're expecting', 'Baby Centre', 'Sprout' etc) and following your babies magical journey... 

For me it helped to put things like acne, tummy twinges & back aches into perspective!

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