Monday, 28 October 2013

Discovering the news

I have always wanted a big family, I am one of two and always felt a little deprived of a sister. Don't get my wrong, my big bro is the best friend I could have asked for but I always longed for more. I remember being a bit jealous as a little girl when I'd visit friends houses where there were loads of kids and loads of mess (I've always oddly dreamt of a home filled with loads of shoes, mess and sports equipment). From the moment the hubs and I got together (he's one of four) I knew that I wanted kids and lots of them (if I had my way!)

We met when we were teenagers on summer camp, however after some mild flirtation, a dance at a disco and an awkward date in a local coffee shop (awkward because I decided to bring all my friends, being the naive 15 year old who didn't realise it was a date) we drifted apart. Years later we reacquainted through the means of Facebook, and decided to meet up. Once again, when the date was arranged, I didn't realise it was in fact a date, much to the annoyance of the soon to be Hubs. Luckily, after one evening I was hooked, 5 months later we moved in together and 7 months after that we were engaged. The whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind and given what's happened since our marriage (which was 5 months ago yesterday) my feet still haven't touched the ground. Tomorrow I'll be 23 weeks pregnant which by my calculations means that I fell pregnant dangerously close to the wedding day (or night!) 

As the pregnancy wasn't planned, a number of problems did arise in the early stages... Being someone who for the last 18 months had been completely an utterly obsessed with planning my wedding day (I said I was an obsessive person) babies were the last thing on my mind. I remember uttering something to my Mum about dreaming for a honeymoon baby but this was a just a passing comment!

I'd come off the pill a few months before the wedding, we wanted to try roughly a year from the big day. Having suffered from PSO in my earlier years, and having spoken to a number of friends about it, I was advised to come off the pill let my body find its routine and then start trying. I was also told that it would take a while for my periods to come back after coming off the pill. I did purchase one of the fertility tracker things (the wee on a stick kinds) so I did know roughly when I was fertile, the thing was... me being ignorant to all this had rather a odd illusion of the whole thing... I was under the impression that whilst technically you may be fertile it is only after a natural bleed that you could actually fall pregnant. Stupid I know... so there I was on my honeymoon, having had my last 'pill period', with sore boobs, non stop weeing... Googling post pill symptoms. Here comes more ridiculousness of my part... I had (after some serious Google research from a lounger in Hawaii) convinced myself that the symptoms I was experiencing were nothing more than the side effects of coming off the pill. 

After returning home, I started to worry.. where was my period? Oh no, there was something wrong (I told you I was neurotic!) After 2 days of being back from my beautiful honeymoon I was on the phone making an appointment with my gynaecologist telling his (wonderful and patient) secretary that I was most likely baron! 
A couple of days before the appointment arrived I was on the phone to a Mummy friend of mine, I was explaining my woos (in detail!) to which she responded... "it really sounds like your pregnant", "no no I explained, I can't be as I've not had my natural bleed". Now, I don't think she quite understood what I was on about so she just sort of agreed and we moved off topic. 

The following day (day before the appointment) the hubs went off to work, at this point we still lived close to town so he used to leave around 20 minutes before me, whilst brewing a cuppa I started to think about what Mummy friend had said... maybe I was? I couldn't be though? After much deliberation I thought well why not, let's do a test. Anyone who knows me, would agree that I am someone who since meeting the hubs does nothing without hubs... so the next 5 minutes showed some rather odd behaviour on my part. I (being an obsessive person, I did tell you) opened the bathroom cupboard and pulled out a test (yes I always kept a supply). I popped in the bathroom, did the test and got ready for work whilst the result processed (again very out of character, had I thought for a moment that I was pregnant I'd of watched that stick obsessively for the full 3 minutes!)

3 minutes later and there it was... Pregnant 3+

I was in a state of shock! My first reaction was that the test was faulty, I just couldn't be? I hadn't had my natural bleed?? My second reaction was call the hubs... after trying him a MILLION times and receiving his voicemail (he was on the tube) he eventually called back. I blurted out the news, and he, being the calm one in this relationship, told me to go to the shop and buy another test. I left the flat almost immediately, and jumped on the tube heading directly for Oxford Circus (where I work, but also the location of a big old Boots). 

Much to my dismay, I bumped into an old friend on the tube. Having only recently got married, and thanks to the wonders of Facebook she wanted to talk all about my big day. On a usual day, this would make for a wonderful journey to work... today was not a usual day. 

After what felt like a 2 hour tube ride (realistically it was 15 minutes) I was off the tube and in Boots telling the pharmacist about my 'situation' in detail... she was the first to question my 'you can't get pregnant without a natural bleed' theory going into a 20 minutes detailed description of how her sister got pregnant the same way... I started to panic! 

No sooner was I out of there that I was in the toilets at work (now over an hour late) with 3 pregnant test wrappers around my feet... the results were in... positive, positive, positive. I called the Hubs who seemed excited, scared and confused all at the same time (he had bought into my theory) followed by my GP (a family friend) who told me my theory was 'idiotic' (still not forgiven) after congratulating me on being pregnant despite having PSO. I was in an utter state of shock for the rest of the day... well to be honest for the next 5 months!

Thus began my journey into the weird, wonderful and highly scary world of pregnancy... 

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