Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Hospital Bag

As last weeks anti-natal class was focused on "the hospital bag" this week, I've made it my mission to get it sorted. It's not that I've been putting it off up until now, it's more that I know myself. I know that the minute I decided to get it packed, my obsession with it would kick off. 

This is a bit embarrassing, but the other reason that it's taken a while for me to sort is because I've been waiting for the 'green light'. I always get made fun of by the hubs and my mum for doing everything so early. I pack roughly a week in advance for holiday's, I lay out clothes the day before a big event, I even lay the table (sometimes days) in advance of friends coming over for dinner. What can I say, I am a planner... it's just me.

It would be a lie to say that, whilst up until last week I hadn't actually started packing the bag... nothing was done in preparation. Over the last few weeks I've been speaking to a number of mummy friends, reading blogs, books etc collating everyone's advice to create one master list. This was aided considerably at last week's anti-natal class when certain questions I had were answered and more advice was imparted.

So, here it is. My hospital bag list which is everything but alphabetised. A lot of women I am sure have their own views on what is necessary, I imagine half of this stuff isn't 100% necessary but I am someone who feels comforted by lists & stuff and now that everything is now tightly packed into my two separate bags (See below for an explanation) I do feel 'a little' less overwhelmed than I have been feeling of late.

- 2x nighties
- Energy drinks & bendy straws (for birthing partner to hold for you dependant on the position you are most comfortable in)
- Hair bands (dependant on hair length!)
- Barley sugar (boosts energy & apparently ok to take regardless of medication)
- Dextrose tablets (to energise birthing partner)
- Evian spray (chill if possible in advance or upon arrival at hospital for relief during labour)
- Ice packs for back ache (I have the ones that you sort of break to make them go cold)
- Music
- Camera

- Newborn nappies (I went with Pampers No1.)
- Baby wipes
- Sudocrem
- Antibacterial wipes (for hygienic purposes)
- Vaseline
- Cellular blankets x2
- Baby vests x3
- Baby grows x3
- Baby hat x2
- Muslins x2
- Going home outfit

(It seems like a lot but you don't 100% know how long you'll be staying)

- PJs (some women opt for nighties for ease, I am just more comfy in PJs)
- Nipple cream 
- Breast pads
- Sanitary towels (I went for normal pads rather than the big maternity ones, they were a bit overwhelming, I packed x3 packs)
- E45 (apparently skin gets very dry after labour)
- 2x nursing bras
- Towels (if you plan to have a bath afterwards)
- Lavender oil (apparently soothing in a bath after labour)
- Snacks and drinks (for you and birthing partner, I went for cereal bars, rice crispy treats and Lucozade)
- Note pad & pen 
- Cotton wool balls
- Arnica 
- Overnight toiletries
- Slippers and flip flops (flip flops for shower)
- 4x black knickers that you can chuck after
- Change of clothes for me and birthing partner (hubs)
- Feeding pillow

I know it sounds like a lot, but I like to be prepared for everything!!! 

Here is a real insight into my neurotic personality, not only has this list been typed up and printed ready to slot into the correct bag but I've put each item into an individually labeled zip lock bag... 'Why', you might ask? This is for ease, I didn't want to take (I also had no choice unless I wanted to take 3 suitcases) all the packaging with me for everything, so breast pads, sanitary towels etc have been removed from their packaging and I just thought it easier to do it this way so the hubs knows exactly what is what! 

In case you're interested, I have a separate list on the go of key items to have at home, not everything on this list has been purchased to date but I am working my way through it. It is my baby shower next week so I'll focus more on this list after that, as I imagine some of it will be ticked off then.

- Baby Calpol
- Card"e cap cream
- Digital forehead/ear thermometer
- Baby nail clippers/file
- Steriliser
- Bottle warmer
- Bottle brush
- Bottles and newborn teats
- Aptamil 1 powder (for back up)
- Plastic washing up bowl

- Cotton wool balls
- Baby olive oil
- Baby bath wash
- Baby bath
- Bath thermometer
- Baby towels

- Vests
- Babygrows
- Cardigans
- Socks

- Moses basket
- Fitted sheets for Moses basket x3
- 2x cellular blankets
- Muslins x20
Room thermometer

- Pram
- Car seat
- Isofix base
- Changing mat & bag

- Playmat
- Bouncy chair
- Toys
- Swing chair

- Sangenic bin

There you have it, everything that I HOPE I need for Baby J. As I say, some of it is probably unnecessary but I always like to be & feel prepared!

The one thing not on my list is a breast pump... I 100% want to breastfeed but until I know I can I am not going to buy one. I feel that if I have one, I will feel pressured by it (silly I know). Most of my friends purchase their breast pump well in advance of labour, but as I always say, each to their own. We have a Mothercare just down the road so I plan to send the hubs to pick one up if & when I need it.

I hope this is helpful.. I will say this. With 5 weeks to go, and nerves/reality starting to kick in, writing this list, doing all the shopping (I did one big online shop on and then shopped around for the additions) and putting everything together was very lethargic and has made me feel a little more relaxed. That's just me, nothing makes me happier than list making and ticking ;-) I really am selling myself aren't I!!!


  1. You are super organised and it seems have thought of everything, i took evian spray last time and wish I had thought of it for previous births, i would say make sure you have some change with you always comes in handy. how many weeks are you? i have yet to pack my hospital bag (29+3)

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I am 34+5! I still have a little way to go but have always been a little neurotic! I'm pleased it's done though. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  2. I do a list. I'm organised too. Made me laugh about setting the table...I do that! Your bags sound perfect. You'll want for nothing. Not buying a breast pump is a good call. I didn't buy one either because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist having a go with it and risk getting sore and stuff. Best to get breast feeding established first. I was the same with bottle feeding equipment. I didn't buy that either. I thought it would be too tempting. And there were a couple of nights when I was having problems getting my first baby to take the breast, when I would quite happily have gone down stairs and made up a bottle. But I didn't have that choice so we just had to get on with it and thankfully all was well in the end and I fed her for 10 months. For emergencies perhaps it is useful to have at least one bottle and a little bit of formula and a milton tablet or two. You just don't don't know what's going to happen or how you'll feel.