Saturday, 25 January 2014

The "Baby Bucket List"

Following this weeks check-up with my midwife, I now know that Baby J is slightly larger than the average baby, I also know that he is currently in the OP position (not ideal I know...) but I am not obsessing over this (much...) as I am hoping that he'll move over the next few weeks. 

 The size point is interesting, if not somewhat ironic given that I've dealt with dozens of comments throughout my pregnancy relating to my "little bump". 

Whilst now, it is flattering to be told that I look small (although those comments have slowed as I've packed on the pounds... I must lay off the brownies!) some people have over stepped the mark by asking these types of questions...

"Is the baby ok given that you look so small?"
"Was he smaller than the average baby?"
"Was I worried?"

I've also dealt with a number of comments like this: "my sisters cousins brothers wife is due 3 months after you and she is way bigger than you... why is that???"

It seems that it is me who (up until about 10 days ago) was small, not my little boy. He is perfectly sized... a little larger than average perhaps but at least he'll (hopefully) be a robust little boy! People really should mind their own business shouldn't they!

Today is the 25th of January (for the next 30 minutes anyhow), the day before my baby shower, two days before my mums birthday and exactly one month before the arrival of my son (well, if he's on time that is). 

Given that I am now nearing the end of this pretty enlightening journey, I can't help but wonder when he will arrive. Of course, this is wasted energy. Not even he knows when he'll be ready to grace us with his presence. 

All the essential items have now been purchased, the hospital bag is packed, the books have been read and re-read, the last of the anti-natal classes will take place next week, the house is sorted and I am as 'relaxed' as I'll ever be. 

Technically I am ready. Now it is over to him (or the big guy upstairs... dependant on your beliefs!) Don't get me wrong, I am not desperate for it to happen now. I am relishing these last few weeks of pregnancy. As you'll know from reading the blog, I have loved being pregnant and have been blessed with a very easy ride but I am starting to realise that the journey is nearly over.

My life, in a few weeks will no longer be my own. A little boy will be entirely dependant on me 24/7. Yes the hubs is going to make a wonderful father and his life is going to change so much too, but he will go back to work after his paternity leave and I will be left to "hold the baby" as the old expression goes. I will be running the show and no doubt running around in a whirlwind of nappies, muslins and exhaustion. I know it sounds unpleasant but I am so so excited.

Tonights pledge. Rather than wishing the next 4 weeks (or 6... or 2 eeeeeeeeek) away, I am going to relish them.

I have wished up a short "baby bucket list" (I do love a good list). This list is based on pearls of wisdom shared by friends & relatives & includes ten things that I plan to tick off before the arrival of Baby J.

1: Go to the cinema at least twice
2: Lie in everyday 
3: Eat breakfast in bed every day
4: Spend as much 'quality' time with the hubs as possible
5: Read the papers in bed on Sunday's
6: Have brunch 3 times 
7: Indulge in at least one beauty treatment (nails don't count as I have them done regularly)
8: Go for at least one romantic date
9: Blog as much as possible
10: Read one non baby/pregnancy related book

This may sound like quite an indulgent list but I am convinced is it achievable and important to fulfil as most of these things will not be possible for some time after I have given birth

I'll let you know how I get on... wish me luck!!!! 

Reality really is starting to hit me... wow, life is about to change.

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