Monday, 16 February 2015

Happy 1st Birthday

I can't quite believe I'm saying this but the day has been and gone and my little man is one. What a phenomenal, draining weekend. 

Kicking off on Friday (the actual birthday... Friday the 13th lucky for some!!) with a trip into London to see the fishies at the London Aquarium followed by a spot of lunch with the hubs, then rushing home for bath and bed before an evening of party prep!!

Continuing into Saturday with the big p-a-r-t-y! The hubs was amazing, off he went first thing in the morning armed with a list of necessary last minute items I needed to make the Mickey Mouse themed party a total success, whilst I was busy entertaining the birthday boy and prepping all the food... all the food...

I've never been one to under-cater and I'm a great believer in stuffing adults full of treats at these parties (particularly dads to make them bearable!) 

I was particularly proud of myself of this... not bad considering I'm not at all crafty!!

For the kids, I transformed my lounger into a soft play haven complete with giant ball pond and life size Mickey Mouse!!

The party was a roaring success... with over 50 guests in attendance (17 of them babies) the house was heaving but at no time (I believe thanks to the buffet) felt too crowded. Most importantly, my little man had the greatest day EVER! He was so happy and so content watching everyone busy around him, he was full of energy right up until bedtime when he literally past out in his cot.

The highlight of the day was the singing Happy Birthday. To think, all those people were there, singing to my little boy who suddenly feels so grown up.

What a very special day it was, I will remember it forever. My little man is one!!! I can't quite believe it!!!

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