Monday, 19 January 2015

Turning one

In a matter of weeks my little boy will turn one. I've heard people murmur the phrase "l don't know where the time has gone" in the past, and have grimaced at how cliche they sound. I now can entirely relate.

I can't really relate to those who claim to not remember life before the arrival of heir beautiful bundles of joy. I of course remember life, I just don't like it very much!!
This year has been the best, fastest, most memorable, spectacular, exhausting, emotional year of my life. Despite its speed, I literally remember every second. Which is confusing to me. Usually when something flies by I struggle to remember the detail, it's all sort of a blur. Not this year.
 I have a (documented through photographs) memory of every single day. It really has been so very special. It's amazing to me really that so many people get to experience this, it makes me question why the world isn't a happier place?? I've spent the last year of my life elated. 

I've made some incredible friends, lost a few less incredible friends. Made a life, cemented what was already an amazing relationship with the hubs, felt more tired that I knew possible, spent a LOT of time in my house and obsessed over the following... (to name a few)

- Poo
- Wee
- Vomit
- Weaning
- Teething
- Smiling
- Rolling over 
- Sitting up
- Walking
- Cruising
- Waking
- Baby classes
- Prams
- Car seats
- Nappies
- Nappy bags
- Breast feeding
- Formula feeding
- Bottles
- Sterilisers
- Water
- Blankets
- Working

It's been mad. Unbelievable. Mad.

I can't believe he's going to be one. It's so significant to me which is a bit surprising. I guess from one they start to become a bit more independent. Of course he'll need me for the foreseeable future but he's not a "baby" anymore.

What a year. I can't believe it's coming to a close... As the plans for his first party continue I'm gonna enjoy my boy. Every little second as I have done for the last 11+ months. I don't think any other year in my life will be quite as special or significant.

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