Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The holiday packing list

For those of you familiar with BumpMoirs, you may already be aware of the fact that I love a good list. Nothing makes me happier (Harry excluded) than making a good list.

You may remember my thoroughly over the top and extremely well thought out hospital bag list. It's quite ironic in a way that I ended up needing a C Section so 90% of the items in my bag become utterly useless!

In a few weeks my little family embark on our first family holiday. Whilst the prospect of my first holiday in a way excites me tremendously... A little part of me is a little terrified at the thought of taking a 4 month old baby abroad.

How to I combat this fear? Make a good list and obsess over it in the weeks leading up to the trip.

I'm sure most of you seasoned mummy's out there will tell me that I don't need all of this for a week long holiday... Well I beg to differ. In my eyes every item on this list is 100% necessary! Of course I'll have an entirely different view once I return home!

First things to point out.. Harry is 4 months old, no where near close to teething (mothers with baby's who are will need even more stuff!) and we are staying in a hotel which provides a travel cot.

Right onto the list, you'll see it's split carefully between Harry's suitcase & hand luggage (which is a little suitcase on wheels). To abide by baggage restrictions/limitations, the hubs and I will be sharing a suitcase... No idea how this will work but we have no choice in the matter (he doesn't need much anyway!)

Here we go... 
(Note this list is in no particular order)

Harry suitcase:-
- Calpol (always necessary)
- Nose drops (I'm worried he will catch a cold on the plane)
- Baby Bjorn bouncer (flattens so ideal to fit in the case, plus the material won't get too hot in the sun)
- Weleda oil (for after bath time)
- Suntan lotion (I'm trying Nivea)
- Oilatum (bath time)
- Nurofen (again, always necessary)
- Sudocrem (no explanation needed)
- Coconut oil (I use it every other day on his head and body)
- Hairbrush (most unnecessary item on the list)
- Gro bag (I've got a thin one for hot weather)
- Bath sponge (enough said)
- Milk (pre ordered & collecting from Luton, thus the need for the wheelie)
- Bottle brush (of course)
- Bottles x 3 (rest are in hand luggage)
- Fairy (for cleaning bottles)
- Stereliser (I've opted for tommee tippee travel stereliser, Milton tablets would work just as well)
- Nappy bags (one pack)
- 70x nappies - a combo of normal & waterproof (enough for 10 a day... We usually use around 4!)
- 3x packs of wipes (huggies with aloe)
- Cot sheets (x2)
- Insect repellant bug (it's from jojo mamen babe and is meant to fight off bugs)
- Insect repellant spray (back up!
- Tent (baby tent for Harry to hang in, sleep in, be changed in by the pool)
- 2x bath towel (probably unnecessary as the hotel have but he's familiar with ours)
- Beach towels (x2 again not really unnecessary but I found cute Mickey Mouse ones)
- Blow up swim chair (just for fun)
- Baby warmer (it's like a wetsuit for swimming as water will be cold)

Standard items that require no explanation:-
- Vests x 5
- Shorts x 5
- Swim shorts x 2
- T-shirts x 5
- Gripe water
- Longs sleeve tops x 4
- Long sleeve trousers x 4
- Baby grows x 4
- Bibs x 7 (we use Funky Giraffe as they're so cute for holiday)
- Muslins x 10
- Changing mat
- Lamaze toys
- Cotton Wool
- Spare dummy
- Room thermometer & baby thermometer
- Blanket
- Sunhat x3
- Socks x 7 pairs
- Sunglasses (ridiculous but too cute)

Harry hand luggage:-
- Baby Bjorn carrier (I'll wear him at the airport, which is one my favourite things and check in my SilverCross pram)
- Calpol sachets (I've been advised to give him calpol before the flight to avoid catching anything)
- 7x nappies (standard)
- 4x sterelised bottles (too many but hey)
- 5x 200ml bottles (too much but you never know)
- Changing mat (standard)
- Wipes (standard)
- Change of clothes (in case of accidents and to layer to avoid getting too hot/cold)
- Muslin x2 (standard)
- Bibs x2 (standard)
- Dummy + spare (standard)
- Dummy clip (standard)
- Nappy bags (standard)
- Lamaze toys (for entertainment purposes)
- Change of clothes for me (in case on sick or poo explosion)
- Thin blanket (to keep him warm)
- Sunhat (to use upon arrival)

So there you have it... A bit much? Perhaps. At least I'm prepped!!! Now I just need to worry about getting into a bikini 4 months after having a baby!!

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  1. all seems fair enough! I took Willy Wonka to Spain when he was 12 weeks old. I was breast feeding but doing an expressed milk bottle feed at night and I remember having a cold water steriliser which was bag thing. It looked like a freezer back. I needed to sterilise the breast pump and bottle. Wish I could remember what it was.

    Towels and cot linen were supplied by the hotel.

    I always travel with full first aid kid when the kids are with me ...calpol, nurofen, antihystamine, rehydration sachets, antibiotics.

    I've only ever taken a light weight umbrella style Maclaren buggy .

    I've bought nappies at local supermarkets where possible, you know when staying in a villa. In hotels I've taken my own.

    Everything else seems essential. Good luck and let me know how you got on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx