Thursday, 6 February 2014

It's the final countdown...

If you're a follower of BumpMoirs you may have noticed that my posts have slowed as of late. 

This is not because I've fallen out of love with writing in anyway, (I love it more than ever!!) it's merely due to the fact that as my life has slowed down (a combination of maternity leave & being heavily pregnant) less has been going on so I've had less to say. I didn't think you'd be particularly interested in my daily lunch choices or walking routes for my afternoon constitutional!

I wanted to avoid a ranty, miserable slightly self indulgent post about the struggles of last stage pregnancy so as to appear strong and to avoid worrying those of you out there nearing this stage.

Avoid I can no longer.

This sucks.

The culprits: Braxton Hicks, exhaustion and the general look and feel of a whale.

I knew at some point that pregnancy would get hard, and this last week has been solid proof of this. 

The Braxton Hicks don't hurt at all, they just assist with the insomnia. The exhaustion is down to baby movements and mind movements. I just can't seem to relax and nor can Baby J. I've tried a bunch of things to help... Meditation, audio hypnosis books, a hot bath, lavender oil etc etc etc. Nothing works.

Yes I'm on maternity leave which is fortunate. I'm shattered all day but have the luxury of my sofa and netflix. Both of which have become my best friends over the last 10 days.

I guess on one hand... I'm getting used to running on empty which will be useful very soon.

On the other, I worry that I'm not resting enough and should be for Baby J's and my sake.

I know I said in an earlier blog post hat I'd enjoy the last stages of pregnancy and not wish it away. A girl can change her mind right?? I'm fully ready for the arrival of Baby J, at least then my exhaustion will have a purpose and I'll get to cuddle that purpose whenever I like!!!

2w 5d to go... I REALLY hope he's like me and arrives early for everything!!!

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