Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weaning.. stage 1

Who knew that eating food could be so complicated? Certainly not me. Having enjoyed and been prepared for every stage of motherhood thus far (when I say prepared, what I mean is, I've read about it and know it's coming... your baby week by week is my current bible) I was a little shocked and unprepared for the new world that is weaning.

Harry is a small baby, weighing it at 6.2lbs at birth, he's not been a huge boy, having said that, he's a growing boy with a big old appetite (he currently weights in at 14.9lbs so he's done a lot of growing) I decided to wean a little earlier than the NHS guidelines as he was a showing "signs" that he was ready. He was watching me eat, trying to grab my food, waking earlier and most importantly nailing 10oz of milk per feed. This boy was ready for food. Whilst I knew this, the affirmation from my health visitor gave me the confidence to kick things off.

First things first, the equipment!! Here we go again, SHOPPING! Within a few days I'd purchased, weaning bibs, spoons, baby bowls, freezer tray, a blender steamer (it's this one: and I love it) and most importantly, a high chair. This was tricky as I had no idea what to look for. At first, I was tempted by the uber modern, spaceship looking highchairs, but I soon realised that I wanted something that was easy to clean, something that could be adjusted to the height of my kitchen table (so feeding is comfortable and one day we will all eat together), was comfortable for Harry and most importantly was super safe. I did a lot of research and decided on the Cosatto Noodle. The reviews were great and it wasn't too pricey.

When it arrived, it was a little scary! It looked so big, I was convinced that my little man would never fill it!! Thankfully, the straps are totally adjustable so he's vey comfy in it and totally safe. It was really easy to assemble and generally is easy to use.

Now that I had all the equipment, it was time to get cooking!!! I decided to kick things off with baby rice. It's funny baby rice, I guess it's worth doing as it's such a familiar taste that it's not too much change at once, but it's so runny that it's a little disappointing (for me) after all the hype of real food! Nevertheless, my little man loved the stuff and at first trial nailed a whole bowl plus a full bottle, I was as you can imagine very proud ;-)

After three days of baby rice (in case you're wondering, I am following a combination of three experts Gina Ford, Annabel Karmel & myself - I may be no expert but I am Harry's mummy and I have common sense!) we were onto the fun stuff. 


Starting with carrot, then moving onto sweet potato, apple, avocado, cauliflower it has been so much fun and so funny!  Make sure you have the video camera at the ready when you introduce new tastes as their reaction is priceless. 

So far, Harry has loved everything with one exception. Avocado. This was quite the disaster resulting in myself, my friends and her couch covered in the stuff. I think we will leave avocado until his tummy matures a little. There was also one incident with apples... I thought apples were apples (stupidly) so thought I'd try granny smiths. HUGE MISTAKE. Harry's shuddered his way through two mouthfuls and then firmly gave up. We had a much better result from granny smiths. 

Once he has tried a handful more fruits & vegetables (I have loads chilling in the fridge!) I will start to mix flavours together. At the moment I am giving them alone, in some cases with a little milk or baby rice to thicken or water down dependant on the consistency on whatever it is that I am making) It's nuts to think that in a few weeks he will be able to stomach protein, dairy and carbs!! He really is growing up so fast. 

Everyone said that weaning was so fun and I didn't really get it but trust me, everyone is right. It is not only fun to see their reaction but so satisfying to see them eat/enjoy food, I also love the process 
of "cooking" for Harry, it's a very enjoyable and motherly process, what can I say, I love weaning and can't wait for stage 2!

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