Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A new scent...

Every noticed that you smell of your baby? It's a funny smell, a mixture of the delicious baby scent, poo, wee & a little vomit thrown in for good measure.

I remember climbing to bed with the hubs when Harry was just a couple weeks old, after an early morning/late night/who the hell knows at that point feed. As the hubs snuggled up to me, he quietly whispered in my ear... "You smell of the baby". He wasn't being anything but honest. I totally did and I totally loved it.

The other day a friend (this friend doesn't have any babies) visited. During his visit there were as you can imagine several feeds to contend with.

Harry is currently going through a "sicky" faze which inevitably means that feeds almost always finish with an encore of white liquid all over mummy.

I suppose I've become somewhat immune to this as I barely flinch when it happens... I simply wipe it off, or out of my hair with a muzzy and carry on whatever it was I was doing.  As this happened over the weekend, my friend looked horrified. When I eventually noticed the horror on his face (I was winding at the time) I questioned him. "You're not going to change immediately?!" he asked. To which I responded... "No? I wasn't actually planning on changing at all?"

Now. I don't know whose right or wrong here. What I do know is the following.

1. Due to the fact that I had a baby just shy of 10 weeks ago, my wardrobe options are fairly limited (put simply, very few things a) fit me b) look good.

2. Baby sick (only a little) comes up at almost every feed. I'm already doing more washing than I can begin to contend with. Surely I can't be expected to add more garments to the mix?!

3. "I" don't think it is gross.... It doesn't look "that" bad and is in my opinion (and that's what really counts) odourless.

Taking into account these three perfectly valid points, no... I don't think it's necessary to change ones clothes more than once a day (unless we are talking about the rare & unexpected protectile vommiting situation, in that case comfort has a part to play as you do get quite wet!)

I do have to make a conscious effort to start looking a little better. 

BH (before Harry) I wasn't exactly a vain person but I did take a lot of pride in my appearance. These days I'd say my efforts are around 5%.... And really there is no excuse, Harry sleeps well... I am rested enough (even though I type this at 4.46am) and I have sufficient time on my hands.

I can imagine that there are a number of women out there who disagree with me and think it unnecessary to spend time beautifying oneself when there is a little bubba to look after.

The thing is. I'm 28, I've not been married a year yet so I do think I have a point and whilst I won't change every time Harry is sick on me going forward... A spritz of perfume and a good shower now and then are most certainly on the agenda going forward!!!

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